Bye-Bye Hair Dryer! How to Save Time Without Losing Volume

6 easy steps to ditching your hair dryer without letting go of the awesome volume it creates!

Are you looking for a faster and easier way to style your hair while still getting great volume?

Watch as Nicole takes you through 6 easy steps to voluminous style without the need for a blowdryer. You can sleep on it, or just let it air dry. Either way, you’re going to be surprised to see how easy it is to re-create your favorite big hairstyle without the heat (or time investment!)

(00:31) Learn the 6 steps here, in less than 3 minutes!

What can you do with a little more time in your day?

Gather your supplies and give it a try!

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Video Transcript:

Are you looking for a faster and easier way to do your hair while still attaining volume? I know I’m always looking for faster ways to achieve that perfect look. Well, for today’s tutorial, you’ll need the following. Of hair products, we want the Weightless Styling Mousse, the Tousled Spray, the Textured Spray, and the Finishing Spritz.

You’ll also want about five to eight claw clips. Okay., let’s begin. First step is to start with towel-dried hair. Next, you’ll put Mousse in at the crown area for some volume. Then, you’ll put in your clips. You’ll create little bouffants with the hair.

So I basically take a little bit of the hair, push it upwards, and stick the clip in. If you want to play up your natural wave or texture, the Tousled Spray will be the perfect support. Tousled Spray is between a spray wax and a salt spray. Spray as it’s drying or once it’s dried to really lift and boost the style. If you already have some texture in your hair, this is the product you want.

Then, you can go to sleep on your hair, like me, on my pillow. And I fan out my hair because I get it away from my head so that it can create volume as it dries, or you can go through the normal tasks of every day and just let your hair air dry.

Then, I wake up for a bright happy day, and I take out the clips. Then, I massage my scalp to kind of break out the roots. And then I use the Textured Spray. You’re going to love this product. It’s great for all hair types and especially for fine hair. It’s a dry aerosol, it gives a boost and a lift, and I spray it into the hair when the hair is dry to give the hair some oomph.

You don’t need too much of the product as it makes the hair get bigger rather quickly. Be sure to massage the product into the hair, because it goes in wet and you want to massage it in till it’s dry. And voila, you have big hair. But wait, we’re not quite done yet. If needed, feel free to touch up the style with a hot tool and set it with the Finishing Spritz.

And here, you have the final product. I love my hair so much. And guess what, it literally took me less than five minutes. And check out this other picture of what it would have looked like if I didn’t use these techniques. Quite the contrast, right? This is going to be so easy for you. So grab your clips and your hair product and let that hair dry in the wind.

Easy peasy. Remember, every day can be a happy hair day. See ya.

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