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Annmarie Gianni’s Type 3 Before & After

What if you could look more attractive without compromising anything that’s important to you?

For Annmarie Gianni of Annmarie’s Skin Care, that means comfort and authenticity. If you’re familiar with Annmarie’s skin care line, you know that she’s all about being natural and authentic.

Carol shows why you don’t have to give up anything in order to dress your truth. In fact, you only accentuate what’s already there and uniquely you.

“I feel comfortable but also sexy and fun!” — Annmarie, Type 3 woman

Did you know your skin expresses natural tendencies true to your Energy Type?

Watch this Evening With Carol broadcast to learn about the 4 Types of skin.

Annmarie was my special guest to teach you what products from her skin care line are perfect for your Type of skin.


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