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Type 1 Basic Accessories: Pops of Fun & Color

Oh, the end of a series. I hope you’ve learned so much about basic essentials that it’s coming out of your ears! We’ve talked about shoes and clothing. So to finish it off, I want to share with you the basic jewelry and accessories to get you going as a Type 1! (Or to sustain those long timers of Dressing Your Truth.)

Necklaces (3)

Let’s start with necklaces! I would make sure to have 3.

1. Classic Gold Charm

This necklace is one of the simpler pieces, and something you can wear with anything! I have a gold heart necklace that has been my gold standard for about 8 years now. A soon as I knew I was Type 1, I found this necklace, and I knew it would always be with me.

Our hummingbird necklace is also a piece that I wear very often and is perfect in this category!

2. Long Animated Piece

I really like long pieces, not so long that they drag the energy down (like not to your belly button) but just past the bust and up. This pearl necklace is a great example: long length, and the pearl strand brings the animation.

3. Statement Piece

Get a necklace that is bright, colorful, big, and animated. Choose a color that goes best with what you have right now.

Earrings (3-6)

On to Earrings! I have 3 main categories, so maybe have 3-6 earrings so you can have more fun wearing a multitude of options.

1. The Post

Post earrings are so fun to wear and can be found as easily as there are number of sand on the beaches in Hawaii. Choose posts that are blingy, colorful, large, small, anything your heart desires! Here are some of my favorites from the store:

2. Medium/Big Gold Pair

I think you need to have a few just gold pieces. You can wear them with everything and anything. I love that I don’t even have to coordinate it with my outfit. I know they will work no matter what! Here are some adorable ones from the store:

3. Colorful Medium/Big

And here is where you bring in the color! Just like the necklace basic essential, get a color that you have a lot of in your closet. But also don’t be afraid to wear those blue earrings with that pink top.

These mint earrings from the store are FAB! I think I can pair mint with ALL THE COLORS!

Bracelets (2-3)

Moving to bracelets. Here are 2 categories, and I would go with 2-3 bracelets starting out.

1. Bangles

Because we are Type 1, movement is our friend! And bangles, or charm bracelets, are fantastic! (With my Secondary 4, it is a lot of movement. But try it out! Maybe you will love them! Most Type 1s do!)

Here is an example from our store. Bright orange with a lot of movement. You can wear 1-2 bands, or ALL THE BANDS.

2. Simple 1 Strand Bracelets

In this category there is a myriad of styles. Beaded bracelets, gold wire, fabric, thread—there is a lot to choose from here. My personal preference are the gold wire bracelets that you can easily take on and off, like this one from our store!

Here is an idea for the beaded strand:

Watch (1)

Gold Watch:

Next accessory item: watches! I think you would only need 1 or 2—unless you LOVE watches! Get a gold one, or one with a white band and a blingy watch face. Get one that is colorful, with fun shapes.

Purses (2)

Next, purses! I would have 1-2 purses. I like the have a little handheld one that can hold the essentials. Like your phone, your cards, and car keys. And then a bigger purse that can hold MORE.

There are some really cute examples in our StyleInspire! One like this is a great clutch!

And then pop that baby right inside this one when you need your MORE bag:

Scarves (1-2)

Next up, scarves!

Now scarves may be a less-used item in a Type 1’s wardrobe, but they are nice to have! So I suggest having 1 or 2. I would get one that has that pop of gold, so you can wear it with many things! And then one with great color!

Belts (2-4)

Another great accessory, belts! 2-4 will be the perfect amount. I have a gold belt, mint, white, and orange! They are all skinny belts, just because that is what I prefer. I like how they finish off an outfit, or hold up my pants!

Here are some great examples!

Does this list make you feel empowered to go out and get the extra items you need to complete your basic essentials!? I would love for you to have exactly what you need to feel like you are Dressing Your Truth the best you can! Our style evolves; mine is still evolving, and I believe it will continue as we grow older. It’s just a fact of life! These essentials can stay with you the whole time, and be your grounding key pieces.


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