Carol’s 9 Anti-Aging Tips That May Surprise You

You could be prematurely aging yourself without this information.

Are you displeased or frustrated with what you see in the mirror?

Maybe you see more fine lines that you’d like, sagging or sallow skin, or dark circles. For about 10 years now, I have turned my skin completely around, and my tips will definitely help you do that too.

In fact, you’re probably prematurely aging yourself without this information!

Remember: my tips aren’t about looking younger than you are—it’s all about looking healthy for your age. Let’s slow down your aging process with these tips.

Here are the 9 anti-aging tips we cover in today’s video:

(0:15) – Tip #1: Have you started Dressing Your Truth yet? When you have the correct hair, makeup, accessories, and colors on your body, it will take 10-15 years off your appearance! I have seen hundreds and hundreds of “Before & After” photos from women in our community, and I’m continually in awe of their transformation!

(3:00) – Tip #2: My favorite collagen powder does wonders for my skin health! Here’s why I love Vital Proteins Collagen Powder and take two scoops every single day.

(3:50) – Tip #3: Are you smashing your face into a pillow for 8 hours every night? Find out why I started using the Total Pillow to prevent extra fine lines.

(5:05) – Tip #4: Be aware of this while driving! Not many women know about this aging factor, but tell me what you think about this tip in the comments. You don’t hear about it very often!

(6:15) – Tip #5: Do you use a jade roller? My favorite is from Annmarie Skin Care, and here’s why it’s so effective, as well as soothing.

(7:36) – Tip #6: Believe it or not, your sexual health is directly related to your anti-aging efforts. I share how the book, Vitamin O, changed my life.

(8:30) – Tip #7: Whiten your teeth! I even share how I work with my dentist to get this inexpensive method for whitening my teeth every month.

(9:28) – Tip #8: Cold showers! Listen to why this is so good for your skin, your collagen, and your willpower. And yes, I do it every morning—even in the winter.

(11:00) – Tip #9: Get a monthly facial. It’s common for women to think that getting a facial is a treat. But I’ve been getting a facial every month for close to four years now. I found an esthetician who understands Energy Profiling and my Type of skin.

Discover your Type of skin when you discover your Energy Type!

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Which of these tips are you already doing? And which ones will you be starting, now that you know about them?

Leave a comment below and tell me!

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