Carol’s Favorite Hair Products for Easy 4-Phase Hairstyling

Best products for volume and style, to have a great-hair-day every day!

Learn what DYT hair products I use to create a great predictable hairstyle every day in my four-phase styling process. Yes, as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!

See my full 4-Phase styling process in this Lifestyle video.

Even if you don’t have a hairstyle like mine, you can incorporate these tips to discover the haircare combination that is correct for your Yin/Yang hairstyle combo.

(6:40) I also teach you what products I use to create great 2nd & 3rd-day hair.

My 4-phase hairstyling products:

  1. (00:38) Cleanse. This one-step product gets the job done while enhancing the health of your hair.
  2. (01:38) Add Pre-Styling Products. How to start out right to protect and style.
  3. (03:03) Drying. Shape and smooth, plus my big volume trick.
  4. (04:43) Finish. Use these two tools, and two products to define and place.

What products do you need to make your hair look amazing every day? 

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Carol’s Favorite Products:
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Video Transcript

Today, I’m going to show you some of the best products to get volume, great style, and make every day a great hair day. I’m often asked what products I use from our haircare line that help me create really predictable great hairstyle. So, I’m gonna break this down into four phases and show you the products I use with each phase of my hairstyling process.

Phase one is cleansing. And my go-to from our product line is the cleansing conditioner. I like this because it’s very healthy on the hair. One product, it does not strip away the hair, so the hair stays really just full of its nutrients and healthy quality. And it also creates that just enough softness that you need to style your hair without making it overly conditioned, sort of a gentle conditioning. And I like the cleansing effect. You do have to get used to the fact that it’s not super sudsy, but I just work it a little longer than I would shampoo to really get it into the roots, and you only even have to apply it once, quite often with shampoos. You have to first get the first layer of product out and then add the second round of shampooing where this is just a one product, one use, and it does a great job. I really encourage you to try it out.

Phase two is my pre-styling products. Now, I’m going for volume as you can see, I need a lot of lift with this hairstyle, and I need the volume. Because the bulk of my style is really on the crown of my head. This is cut quite short. I wan it to be real sleek and tight to my scalp. So I’m looking for the volume up here. The first go-to product for that is Root Boost. I’ve used Root Boost for years. You have to shake it real good, and then it just comes out like an aerosol spray, just little quick spurts in all the areas you want left. So all around the edge of this height and then down into these areas. It’s important once you’ve added Root Boost that you really then work it into the roots with your fingers. Then Hair Repair is my stay in conditioner, it really protects the hair from the heat, tools I’m going to use, my blow dryer, and my flat iron. And it just again keeps the quality of my hair smooth ’cause I don’t want it frizzy, so it’s an anti-frizz product. I use very little, it’s like the size of a pea, and it goes a long way. Because I just rub it into my palm of my hand and work it all the way through, and then I’ll smooth out my sides with the remainder.

Now, phase three is my first step in drying. And I’ll take my blow dryer at the medium blow hottest temperature. And I get in there and blow with the roots, and I have all this in a video and lifestyle where I actually do the real thing. Today, I’m just reviewing the products in this video. So I’m blowing, blowing, blowing. I get it almost completely dried. And it actually looks sort of wild and crazy and frizzy. So now I’m gonna use the smoothing polish. Again, pea-size amount, put it in the palm of my hand, work it into my palm and fingers, and I just work it through all of this hair up here. I have a lot of hair, it’s really thick, and I wanna take…control the frizz, but I still want the volume in the wave. So this product really helps just tame down the frizz, and bring the hair into a more uniform look.

Now, this is my big tip. This is the makeover spray. It’s known to be used as a second, third, even fourth-day hair product to help take away any oil, to lift the hair, kinda reset your style. Now, I use this is a styling product. Once I’ve got my smoothing polish in there, little tiny squirts of this go into the areas I want the most lift. So, back on the deep part of my crown, in this middle section, and all around the front, little tiny squirts of this, work it all in. Then I’ll take a round brush and just get all that curl to go back this way. Get my hair where I want it, it’s now laying in the position I want it but it needs the edge, and it needs some finishing products. So that’s where I take my flat iron and I get these tips, pull them out, bend things here, back here, pull this over. So I got this nice asymmetrical angle going on, on the top of my head, and I need to set it now. Texture taffy does that beautifully. Again, this is a very tacky finishing product. I’ll even show you right now, I just take a tiny amount. It’s very small, [inaudible 00:05:19] it’s better to do last, and then get more if you need it, then to get too much and get it just a big mass. So this only goes on the tips of my fingers. And I’m gonna work it through, ’cause I wanna pull this out, create a little volume back here by working it in towards the roots, and then smooth this over, and tack this down.

This is a must-have product. If you really want to get that nice finishing touch and staying power, you know, my hair would not be in this position and hold throughout the day, because it would lay flat, without everything I’ve done leading up and then setting it with this. Then you just finish it off, finishing spritz. The reason I love finishing spritz, it’s a lightweight hold, your hair feels very natural still, it’s not stiff. And it creates a little bit of a shine and it holds just enough and see how it light sprays. I can also do the last-minute finishing.

Those are all my go-to products. This hairstyle will stay for at least three days looking great. I’ll use the make…my products on second and third day would be makeover spray. I can even use smoothing polish again without even getting my hair wet to smooth it if it’s gonna little frizzy. And a little bit of texture taffy, because that’s still sort of in the hair, I don’t need a lot, and finishing spritz are my four, second, third, and these are very small quantities that I need them in.

What products do you need to fill in the gaps with to make your hair look amazing every day, go to, because I’ve got you covered?

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