Tips for Petitioning Your Angels Using Tibetan Singing Bowls #HealingWithCarol

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We’re living in a time when we need angelic support!

In my book, Remembering Wholeness, I talk about how angels are your personal support crew, always ready to assist you in creating a life of joy, ease and abundance.

Now I’m going to teach you how to petition them using the vibrations created by Tibetan singing bowls.

Set this intention with me as we begin:

“I am receiving support in my healing by participating in this healing session.”

Also be sure to listen at 11:52 when I share tips for strengthening your throat chakra. (Not sure what “chakra” means? I’ll teach you.)

If sometimes you feel like you revert back to your 8-12 year old self in certain situations, that’s a hint you need to do this exercise to bring balance and operate in your adult energy.

What do you want to petition your angels for? Share it in the comments. Writing it down brings what you want to create into the physical realm.

Resources I mention in this healing session:
Himalayan Bowls
Chakra Healing

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