How to Change Your Experience with Money: #EnergyProfilingwithCarol

The energy of the planet is shifting. Have you felt it?

This is a really good time to be learning about how you create your reality with money. You already are creating your experience—you just may not be consciously aware of it.

In my new course, the 30 Day Money Cure, I teach you how to get out of your default pattern and start to consciously create your experience with money.

In this episode of #CarolTuttleTV, I’m here to answer rapid-fire questions about this upcoming course, as well as questions about your own current relationship with money:

  • Will this course help with my spending addiction?
  • I’ve already taken your Soul Print Healing Course; is the 30 Day Money Cure different?
  • What if my husband is not interested in helping me with money?
  • We would like to purchase a home, but with this hot market, the prices are higher. Is it wise to buy a home at this time?
  • I’ve taught my kids to not say, “I can’t afford it.” What are some better phrases to say? (Make sure you register for the 30 Day Money Cure to discover my favorite money mindset affirmation that I’ve reserved specifically for course owners—it’s that powerful.)
  • Can my husband and I share a course, or do we need our own?

Stick around for the results of the Money Magnet Quiz! How did you score? There’s still time to jump on board!

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