Skincare for Every Type: Evening with Carol

Finally—a skincare line that works with your Type of skin!

Your Type of skin has unique qualities and challenges.

In this Evening with Carol recording, you’ll see how easily your Type of skin can have a healthier, more beautiful glow.

A few things you’ll receive when you watch this event:

  • How to bring out the best in all 4 Types of skin—including yours.
  • Insight into your Type of beauty with DYT Expert close-ups.
  • What to do for sensitive or irregular skin.>
  • The part of your face you may forget to wash!

Women from all over the world joined this event when it was broadcast, and now you can enjoy the recording. Have beautiful skin, true to you…

In this #CarolTuttleTV “After Show,” Dressing Your Truth Expert, Anne Tuttle Brown and I answer your questions about the 4 Types of skin and how to use Annmarie Skin Care for better results.


We hope you finish this recording loving yourself and your skin even more.

As you heard in the video, we’ve partnered with Annmarie Skin Care.

All sample kits shown in this event are $10 and include multiple bonuses:

  • FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world
  • $10 off coupon to use on future purchase
  • Free Toxic Free Home Guide ($24.95 value)
  • (Bonus for first 100 orders: travel-size Radiant Skin Silk Body Lotion)

Enjoy your sample kit and enjoy healthier, more beautiful skin!

See Annmarie Skin Care sample kits.

**Carol personally uses and endorses Annmarie Skin Care. This post includes an affiliate link, which means Dressing Your Truth does benefit financially if you make a purchase after clicking above. Recommending a product line is something we take seriously and only do in select cases when we can recommend the product wholeheartedly.

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