Step Out of the Box this Summer: #DYTFashionShow

The Dressing Your Truth Experts are showing something a little more daring in this #DYTFashionShow: bold prints, wide leg pants, a jumper, yellow pants, and more! We are stepping out of the box and showing you how to do it too.

You’ll come away from this fashion show with a tip from each Expert about how they have grown in their DYT journey and how they find the courage to add new, adventurous items to their outfits!

Share a picture in the comments of a daring outfit that you weren’t too sure about before you fell in love with it too!


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When this episode aired, items featured in each outfit were available in the Dressing Your Truth Store. Items started selling quickly, so if the exact item listed below is sold out, browse the rest of the store for your Type of beauty.

You’re sure to find perfect pieces that you love!

Bright Type 1 Outfits:

  • Jaleah’s Tulip Cute Outfit
  • Stephanie’s Summer Horizon Outfit

Lovely Type 2 Outfits:

  • Elizabeth’s Whisper Rose Outfit
  • Anne’s Fancy Pants Outfit

Dynamic Type 3 Outfits:

  • Sarah’s Rich Rapture Outfit
  • Anna K’s Kimono Craze Outfit

Classy Type 4 Outfits:

  • Kalista’s Stunning Pink Outfit
  • Deborah’s Summer Cool Outfit

(We teach you how to dress true to your Type of beauty in the Dressing Your Truth online course. If you haven’t started, get the DYT course today.)


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