Here’s What Your Frustration As a Parent Really Means

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“I feel so frustrated!”

As parents, our frustration comes from two different areas. In this Child Whisperer podcast, Carol helps you determine which one it is and what needs to change.

Ask yourself, “Why am I frustrated?”

Then answer it by saying, “I am frustrated because…”

Listening to your own answer will help you determine the correct solution.

1. Frustration from expectations that haven’t been met

As a mother, you’re the nucleus of the home. When mom’s doing well, the family is doing better. If you find yourself feeling frustrated and off-balance, it could be because your expectations are off.

Solution: consider the possibility you need to modify the behavior to meet the expectation OR you need to change the expectation.

2. Frustration from running an old parental pattern

As a child, you were exposed to patterns from your parents. Without even realizing it, you might be running the pattern that was modeled for you!

If you’re feeling as though parenting has to be stressful and hard, know that you can change your own pattern right now.

Solution: tune into it, and choose out of it. Choose to feel fulfilled. Take a deep breath and choose to feel calm, collected, and balanced.

Listen for Carol’s answers to these following questions:

  • How can I give my Type 3 daughter all the attention she demands? She wants me to watch everything she does. She calls, “Mom!” every 30 seconds. I feel completely drained. Help! (Listen at 8:29)
  • Should I send my children to school? We have four children and currently homeschool. I didn’t have a positive public school experience and don’t want my kids to experience what I did. (Listen at 13:00)
  • How do I avoid disappointing my Type 3 daughter who has huge requests for her birthday? I feel like I’m letting her down because I’m not able to carry them out. (Listen at 17:31)
  • Type 4 daughter is regressing in potty-training. How do I support her since she’s almost 5 years old? (Listen at 21:15)
  • My Type 3 daughter is 10 years old and needs help with communication when things don’t go her way. She used to be extroverted and vocal about these things. How do I help her connect with her emotions again? (Listen at 27:48)
  • Type 4 son is 6 years old and wants to do things his own way—exactly the way he wants. If anything goes wrong, it ruins his whole day. (Listen at 32:30)
  • My 2 year old son is hitting. As he’s gotten older and stronger, it’s getting worse. Help! (Listen at 41:05)

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Thank you for listening and for striving to be the best version of yourself!

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