Moms: No Time For Yourself? Here’s How to Fix That Issue

It's not selfish to make yourself a priority and get "me time"

You’ve felt it lately—there’s no denying the need to focus on yourself and work on your own healing.

But what happens when you always get interrupted? It feels like you have no time for yourself!

On this episode of #EnergyProfilingWithCarol, I’m joined by 3 guests who are in the process of changing some big stuff in their life. How are they doing it? They have some really timely tips for you:

  • Katie shares how she shifted the old, generational belief that motherhood causes you to lose yourself. Listen to how simple it was for her to change this negative thought pattern.
  • Missy recently discovered her true Energy Type, which not only has been incredibly healing, but it’s also the first step of becoming aligned with herself.
  • Heather explains how she gave herself permission to follow her own spiritual path and choose what was true for herself—even if it is different from what she was raised with.

What is causing pain and discomfort in your life right now? What if you could change it?

You can shift the old beliefs that keep you stuck. Honor yourself with the support you need. Share in a comment how you are making that first step!

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Enjoy the resources mentioned on today’s show:

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