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Visit the private event Facebook group to share your outfits, enter giveaways, and enjoy together.
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Welcome! We’re excited for an amazing weekend with you.
Get the most out of I Love My Life 2020 by preparing in a few key ways:

Mark your calendar for Thursday, Oct 22, 8-8:30 PM MDT

To make sure our event goes smoothly, we’re doing a test run the night before. Drop in to enjoy some Type comedy, meet other event attendees, and make sure your computer can connect. Our Support Angels will be online to help you troubleshoot any technical issues so you’ll be ready for Friday.

Zoom Link

Ask your questions in advance

This event includes several Q&A opportunities. Submit your question ahead of time so that we can prepare answers to help you best.

Submit your question

Introduce yourself to the group

Come join the event-only Facebook group. When you do, share with us…

—A photo of yourself
—Where you’re from
—Your Type
—How long you have been Dressing Your Truth
—Why you’re excited to join this event

Read other introductions and comment on each other’s posts. Even if we’re far apart, we can still create camaraderie and friendship together!

Visit the Facebook group

Prepare for our sessions together

The sessions we’ve planned for you will feel more personal and helpful when you bring along these items:

  • Find an up-close photo of someone you want to practice face profiling skills on—a family member or friend. During Friday morning’s session, you’ll follow along as Carol clarifies each Type’s facial features.
  • In your closet, identify your 2 favorite clothing items and 2 least favorite items (or items that just aren’t working for you). Bring those to your Type breakout session with the Experts. You’ll learn from those items!
  • Read through the list of keywords for your Type. Note 3-6 words you are personally drawn to. We will do an illuminating activity with these.
  • Bring your makeup and brushes with you to your Type’s Hands-on Makeup Tutorial, so you can follow along.

Download Zoom

All live sessions will be broadcast on an easy-to-use online platform called Zoom.

If you have used Zoom before, great!

If you haven’t used Zoom yet, click below to download it. (Zoom will also invite you to create a free Zoom account. You can do that, but you don’t need to have an account in order to participate.)

Once you’ve downloaded Zoom, all session links should work for you.

If you have questions, reach out to [email protected] or get more Zoom-specific answers from Zoom’s site:

Download Zoom

Choose your outfits

You’ll have the best time if you feel your best (even though you’re tuning in online). Put together outfits that make you feel amazing and express YOU.

Want outfit ideas? Browse
outfit tutorials on, or get a Lifestyle membership to visit
StyleInspire boards for your Type.

Visit the Facebook group

Consider your backdrop

We’re excited to see you face to face! So that we can see you best, find a place to sit where natural light hits your face. Avoid sitting with a window behind you (which makes your face hard to see).

You can even get more creative by decorating a fun backdrop behind you. We’ll give away prizes for the best Type-specific backdrop!

Go through your closet for the clothing swap

At the end of the event, we’ll open up the Facebook group for an all-Types clothing swap. Before the event, go through your closet for true-to-Type items that you’re ready to let go of. Take good photos of them.
When it’s time, you can post photos in the group. The person who claims it only pays you for shipping. The same goes for items that you claim!

Set an intention

Help us set an amazing event in motion. What do you personally want to experience? State it and write it down as an “I am” statement. Some examples: “I am making a new best friend at the I Love My Life Event.” “I am reconnecting with my true self.” “I am loving my life so much more by the end of this event.”


Face Profiling Crash Course

Bring a photo of someone to practice your face profiling skills on. Follow along as Carol shows you tips for determining Types.


Group Activity: Type-specific Scavenger Hunt

How true to your Type are you living? Find out with the questions in this activity. Let’s laugh together today.


Type 1 Expert Giveaway

All Type 1s have a chance to enter the ultimate Type 1 giveaway, including makeup, jewelry, and even the DYT Experts’ very own clothing.


Type sessions

Type 1 Breakout with the Experts

From your closet, bring 2 favorites and 2 least favorite items. We’ll brighten your style in a Zoom room full of Type 1 energy!

Type 2: Time with Carol / Hands-On Makeup Tutorial

1st half: Sensitivity—When It’s a Gift, When It’s a Challenge
2nd half: Bring your Type 2 makeup with you and follow along.

Type 3 Breakout with the Experts

Come experience a Zoom room full of dynamic energy. Bring 2 favorites and 2 least favorite items from your closet.

Type 4: Hands-On Makeup Tutorial / Time with Carol

1st half: Bring your Type 4 makeup with you and follow along.
2nd half: Perfecting—When It’s a Gift, When It’s a Challenge


Type 2 Expert Giveaway

All Type 2s have a chance to enter the ultimate Type 2 giveaway, including makeup, jewelry, and even the DYT Experts’ very own clothing.


Relationship Rehab

With 1 woman of every Type, Carol will share tips for all kinds of relationships—spouse, parent, child—and host a Q&A.


Up Close: Life & Style Tips with Carol

This session is only for Up Close ticket holders. When you enter this Zoom room, you will be on camera.


Stay Organized and True to Yourself

Carol is joined by well-known YouTuber and #1 online cheerleader, Diane in Denmark. Come lift your spirits and feel more organized.


Group Activity: Type Trivia

How well do you know the 4 Types? Have fun finding out with this online trivia game. To play, you must join this session live!


Type 3 Expert Giveaway

All Type 3s have a chance to enter the ultimate Type 3 giveaway, including makeup, jewelry, and even the DYT Experts’ very own clothing.


Type sessions

Type 1: Time with Carol / Hands-On Makeup Tutorial

1st half: Adaptability—When It’s a Gift, When It’s a Challenge
2nd half: Bring your Type 1 makeup to this session and follow along.

Type 2 Breakout with the Experts

Type 2 Experts will help you consider the details of your style.
Bring 2 favorite items and 2 least favorites from your closet.

Type 3: Hands-On Makeup Tutorial / Time with Carol

1st half: Grab your Type 3 makeup and brushes to follow along.
2nd half: Determination—When It’s a Gift, When It’s a Challenge

Type 4 Breakout with the Experts

Bring 2 favorite items and 2 least favorites from your closet.
The Type 4 Experts will help you refine your personal style.


Type 4 Expert Giveaway

All Type 4s have a chance to enter the ultimate Type 4 giveaway, including makeup, jewelry, and even the DYT Experts’ very own clothing.


Closing Session: Creating Beauty Confidence

Let’s heal whatever body shame you’re still hanging onto— and celebrate every woman here with the Parade of Beauty!


All Types Clothing Swap

Post items you’re letting go of, claim items that you want. The person who claims pays only shipping. Come see!

Healing Plan for Beauty & Self-Image

Ever still have hang-ups in your style? Feel frustrated with your hair or body image? From Oct 26 – Nov 8, Carol will personally guide you through a healing process so you feel truly beautiful every single day.

Go to Healing Plan


  • When will I get my DYT Store gift card?

    You will receive your gift card by the week the event officially begins on October 23. We’ll have event-only items in the DYT Store the weekend of Oct 23-24. Your gift card will be sent to the email address you entered when you purchased your ticket.

  • Where will this event be held?

    The I Love My Life Event is being held online in 2020. So as long as you have internet access, this year’s event comes to you wherever you are!

  • When will this online event be held?

    All online sessions, activities, and giveaways will take place during the week of October 19. Starting the week of October 26, you get access to the new 2-week Healing Plan for Style and Beauty, personally guided by Carol.


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