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What Are the “Crossover Colors” for Type 1 & Type 3?

Crossover colors give you more options than ever before!

“Is this color Type 1 or Type 3?” Could be both!

Type 1 tints look fresh. Type 3 shades look rich. But, it’s possible for a color to look like it belongs to both Types. These are called “crossover colors” and every Type has them!

Type 1 Expert Jaleah and Type 3 Expert Sarah demonstrate how you can use your Type’s style elements to “Type-ify” a crossover color to make it work for you.

Make sure you watch until the 4-minute mark. The Experts reveal how to know for sure if a color is a crossover color. Spoiler Alert! You’re gonna need a Style Kit!

Don’t have a Style Kit? Buy it today!

More resources to help you to be confident in your color choices:

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