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How to Love the Hair You Have! Hair Talk with Nicole

When was the last time you listened to your hair?

You want your hair to look a certain way, so you spend time styling it with the right haircut, color, and products. But is your hair trying to tell you something else?

In this episode of Hair Talk, Expert Stylist Nicole sets the record straight: your hair wants to support you! She gives you tips to help you connect with your hair and honor its movement. But first, she answers questions from you!

Here are some of the topics she covered:

  • What do I tell my stylist if I have dark brown hair and want highlights—but I don’t want them to go brassy?
  • Nicole, talk about hair extensions! What can (or can’t) they do for me?
  • I have a lot of frizz—help! (Plus, find out what moisture has to do with frizz…)
  • How can I grow out my pixie without looking shaggy, or mumsy, or dowdy, or blah!
  • Are all coloring techniques equally damaging?
  • Is there one product you always recommend for Type 3 women?
  • I have baby-fine hair, but I love bounce! It looks great when I’ve just finished styling, but it goes flat in no time. Help!
  • I know it’s probably better to not wash my hair every day, but how do I go about that with oily hair? Plus, when I exercise, it
    gets all sweaty. Any tips?
  • I love adding a dramatic streak of purple or indigo to my dark brown hair. The color doesn’t last long. It fades, even
    though I only wash my hair twice a week and use purple shampoo. What should my hair stylist
    be doing so I get the look I want?
  • And a discussion about how long is too long to wait in between washes! How do you find your “sweet spot”?

Nicole talks about curls: how to make them look less frumpy, how to add edge to Type 3 ringlets, and how to encourage curls to grow on the top layer of hair (because they’re usually hiding underneath the bottom layers!). Also – listen for this super cool story about how a book helped Nicole resolve a hair issue that’s been bugging her for the past 10 years!


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