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How to Move From “True to Type” to “True to You”

My simple 2+1 no-fail formula makes it easy!

You want an incredible style that works for your life and fills you with confidence – but how do you develop a look that is uniquely you?

In the Dressing Your Truth program, I teach you about the four Energy Types. Each Type has its own quality of movement and keywords that express this quality.

Here’s an example of the keywords as found on the back of the Style Guide. (Find more in each Type’s section in my book, It’s Just My Nature.)

Type 1 Keywords: Bright, Animated, Upward, Light, Buoyant, Crisp, Fresh, Fun
Type 2 Keywords: Subtle, Soft, Fluid, Flowing, Relaxed, Blended, Muted
Type 3 Keywords: Rich, Dynamic, Active, Textured, Angular, Substantial, Swift
Type 4 Keywords: Bold, Striking, Constant, Still, Firm, Simple, Structured, Clean

These keywords not only serve as a reminder of your true nature but also as a guide for all your style choices.

Using keywords that you feel uniquely express you, you are ready to use my no-fail 2+1 formula to create your unique style.

  1. Choose 2 words from your dominant Type that you identify with. Words that describe your personality or style, as it is now or what you’d like it to be
  2. Choose 1 word from your secondary Type

That’s all there is to it!

My keywords would be: Dynamic, Edgy, Structured
Dynamic and edgy are my dominant Type 3 keywords. Structured is my secondary Type 4 keyword.

  • Dynamic: I want my outfit to have a level of interest, so I wear dynamic patterns.
  • Edgy: I wear a lot of texture, I stack my bangles, and at 61 I shave part of my head! That’s edgy!
  • Structured: My design lines have a more structured quality to them.

Each of the Dressing Your Truth Experts use the 2+1 formula. Here’s an example of four of them:

Type 1/4 Expert Jaleah’s Style Keywords are: Bright, Fun, Grounded
Bright and fun are Type 1 keywords. Grounded is her secondary Type 4 keyword.

  • Bright: “I love that my closet is full of happy colors! All bright and wonderful.  I love standing out a little bit more than if I were to wear the usual black/grey. I own my power that the bright colors give to me.”
  • Fun: “I love elements of fun or animation. An interesting design line in the shirt, a random pattern, a bright gold pop with my jewelry. Anything that gives my outfit more life.”
  • Grounded: “I love bringing in a grounding aspect in my outfit with my secondary 4. Whether it be a brown or blue shoe, a simpler accessory piece, a structured jacket: something to bring the outfit back to earth, just a little bit.”

Type 2/1 Expert Jenny’s Style Keywords are: Relaxed, Blended, Animated
Relaxed and Blended are Type 2 keywords. Animated is her secondary Type 1 keyword.

  • Relaxed: “I love to let my hair down and relax. I feel that when I’m fully relaxed and comfortable, it invites others around me to take a breath and feel calm.”
  • Blended: “I love to see all the pieces of my clothing and accessories work together to bring forward my beauty and bring light to who I am and my face and eyes, rather than the clothing I choose to wear.”
  • Animated: “Whether it’s a little sparkle of jewels or movement of several stones in a necklace as accessories in my outfit, or adding patterns of small fun prints in my shoes or clothing, I love to add animation to my style.”

Type 3/2 Expert Sarah’s Style Keywords are: Active, Dynamic, and Soft
Active and Dynamic are Type 3 keywords. Soft is her secondary Type 2 keyword.

  • Active: “I am an active person, so I like clothes that I can move with me. I also interpret this word to mean creating movement. So I like my clothes to have something going on with them, not just a basic look.”
  • Dynamic: “I like things that are dynamic in nature: layers, different fabrics, and textures used to create an interesting look. I often add a layering piece to my outfits.”
  • Softness: “My Type 2 secondary brings in softness to my personality and my look. I like things that have an element of softness in them. Either in the lines created or the fabric used. I feel like that little bit of softness brings elegance to my edge.”

Type 4/3 Expert Deborah’s Style Keywords are: Sophisticated, Bold, Edgy
Sophisticated and Bold are Type 4 keywords. Edgy is her secondary Type 3 keyword.

  • Sophisticated: “I want my overall look to represent my confidence in who I am as a woman, the stage of life I’m in, as well as my sound knowledge and understanding of fashion and style.  At any level of dress, I like to wear what I would consider classic, high quality, well thought out, and classy. Not too much, not too little but just right and always classy!”
  • Bold: “Even though I’m not comfortable standing out, I also don’t want to blend in.  I compliment the already bold T4 color palette with bold jewelry or bold pattern.  It’s important for me to balance the boldness.  So, if I wear bold jewelry, I keep my patterns subtle or go with solid colors.  If I wear a bold pattern, then my jewelry choices are simple and/or smaller.”
  • Edgy: “I have to bring in some edginess to my look by adding items that are trendy, innovative, or even a little daring.  This helps make the classic look that I love my unique style and less age defined.  So in other words, I don’t dress like your average 50-something woman!”

Use the 2+1 formula! Share in the comments your new Style Keywords and how this formula is helping you to develop and refine your style.

I can’t wait to hear about your results!



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