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Your Biggest Makeup Frustration? Solved by Anne and Anna K

Enhance Your Own Natural Beauty with these Makeup Tips

Are you enjoying your makeup experience?

At Dressing Your Truth we believe that makeup is meant to enhance your own natural beauty. It should be a fun and creative process that adds to the quality of your life.

As we learn and try new things questions come up. In this recording of Makeup Talk, DYT Experts Anne and Anna K answered those questions. They’re timestamped below so you can easily search for what you need:

  • (1:35) As a Type 1 is it important to wear colorful eyeshadow? Would browns not be enough pop?
  • (3:50) I’m a Type 2 that’s new to DYT. I don’t even have a clue where to begin. What are the essential/basic items to start with?
  • (7:40) -Get all the details on Makeup Month! (Remember to use your Life Style code: MOREMAKEUP for an extra 15% off)-
  • (8:32) Any tips for very dark circles and aging eyes?
  • (12:05) Is there an eyeliner wing shape for each Type?
  • (13:22) Because of sensitive eyes, mascara isn’t my favorite. Are there alternatives other than extensions?
  • (15:17) Eyeshadow ideas for a fun day? (from a Type 1)
  • (17:12) What eyeshadow colors are best with Type 3 blue eyes?
  • (20:50) You have the video about eyebrow shaping, but can you speak to helping the natural Type shape of your eyebrow come out?
  • (23:18) Are all of the Type 4 products so pigmented? I bought the Starter Kit and I feel like it is too dark.
  • (25:00) What are good neutral eyeshadows for Type 4? I used to use brown before DYT to create an upper crease, but Type 4 colors seem too dark?
  • (33:14) Do you clean your eyeshadow and blush brushes every time you change colors?
  • (34:38) Any tips for getting brows to grow back? (The 90s weren’t kind to me)
  • (36:07) For mature skin, should I use the Two-Way Foundation or Oil Control Blotting Powder?
  • (36:40) How to define the lower eye line when I can’t wear eyeliner?
  • (38:04) How do you keep lipstick from feathering or pulling over time?
  • (40:06) Could you mix the Studio Blend Foundation with a moisturizer to make a tinted moisturizer?
  • (41:18) Is the Studio Blend Foundation too heavy for Type 1s?
  • (44:24) Is the Two-Way Foundation a powder of a cream?

Ladies, let’s see your #MOTD (Makeup Of The Day) in a picture below or in the Lifestyle Facebook Group. Your pictures and comments inspire and encourage others in their DYT journey.

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