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Your Makeup Questions Answered! Makeup Talk with Anne & Anna K

(And watch the whole recording...psst...Carol crashes this event!)

Where are you in your experience with makeup? Are you a newbie, or are you an old pro who’s been wearing it since you were a teen?

Makeup accentuates your natural beauty, and sometimes you have questions about how to get it right! In this recording of Makeup Talk, DYT Experts Anne and Anna K answered all your questions. They’re timestamped below so you can easily search for what you need:

  • (0:57) Type 1 women look fabulous in shimmer and sparkles. But as I get older, can I wear sparkle?
  • (3:41) Are there any exceptions to the rule that Type 4 women can’t wear brown in their makeup or hair? How does this work for eyebrows?
  • (6:14) Can a Type 1 or Type 3 pull off black false lashes?
  • (8:19) Can a Type 2 go bolder with their makeup colors, or do they always need to stay “light”?
  • (10:20) I’m a Type 1 and have to wear a uniform and hairnet at work. I only have my makeup to show my Type 1—what can I do?
  • (12:00) I’d love to know about oily skin and how to prevent your makeup from melting off your face, especially in summer. Any tips?
  • (16:15) Are the colors in the Type 1 Eyeshadow Pallet frost or matte?
  • (19:57) What’s a good eyebrow color for a Type 4 who has gray hair?
  • (20:58) Can all Types pf women wear bronzer, or is that more of a Type 3 thing?
  • (23:17) I’m a Type 4 and have a more hooded eye. How can I get a good liner for my eyes?
  • (25:27) What do I use under my eyeshadow to help it stay all day?
  • (27:27) What are the benefits of using an eyelash curler? (Anna K teaches you exactly how she uses this—lots of great tips in here!)
  • (31:37) How do you know which colors will go well together for eyeshadows?
  • (34:24) What’s the most natural way to help your eyebrows grow back or “fake” them once they’re gone?
  • (36:17) What’s the best minimal makeup look for a Type 3/4? (Carol weighs in for this one!)

Ladies, let’s see your #MOTD (Makeup Of The Day) in a picture below! We love seeing your comments come through.

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