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Colorful Eyeshadow Made Easy – Open Your Options

3 applications to bring out the sparkle in your eyes

As a Type 1, you like it quick and easy with lots of options!

In this makeup tutorial, Jaleah shows you how to use three easy applications to create endless options with your Type 1 Twelve Shadow Palette (and she only uses two brush to do it all). Go for it, play with color! Getting ready is about to get a lot easier!

See the Looks:

  1. (00:42) This one application gets you four looks! Jaleah calls it 4-for-1. See how this one brush keeps things moving light and quick (1:07). Learn the key to blending and why this brush is your new best friend (2:36).
  2. (4:13) The Quad gives you a four-color look with a bit of mystery (5:45). Plus, how to blend your eyeshadow without the color losing its “pop” (6:25).
  3. (7:53) Be Everyday Glamorous with this easy yet exciting look. This mix-and-match application looks beautiful and only takes about 2 mins. Win!

You have the know-how, now get the products. Are you missing any of these essentials?



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