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3 Elegant Eyeshadow Looks – More Color, with Confidence

Tips and tools for soft subtle eyeshadow looks

Do you feel confident wearing colorful Type 2 tones in your makeup?

As a Type 2, you know that you can wear so many beautiful tones in your clothing. In this tutorial, Anne demonstrates three looks using the Type 2 Twelve Shadow Palette that will have you confidently wearing them in your eyeshadow too.

See the Looks:

  1. (00:36) This Natural & Neutral look is your everyday go-to look that beautifully compliments any color in your wardrobe. -Stop- (1:00), don’t even think about opening your palette until you do this step. Anne also shares why knowing your eye shape is important (4:35), the tool to create dimension and depth (5:18), and an unexpected eyeliner alternative (6:30).
  2. (8:23) Dip into the deep with this shimmering Purple Green Mermaid look. Anne shows how to swirl and sweep your shadows for a watercolor-like look. Learn what Anne feels is the match-with-all shadow in your palette (11:40), and how to use concealer in the final step (14:46) and for fallout cleanup (16:12).
  3. (17:02) Get a heavenly look with Anne’s Blue Angel halo technique. She also shows the brush that is your best friend for a soft subtle application (18:05), how to wear silver shadow (19:40), and the trick to lining your bottom lash line without closing in your eye (20:40). To finish the look, Anne uses her favorite mascara and shares why it should be your favorite too.

You have the know-how, now get the products. Are you missing any of these essentials?



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