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How to Feature Your Dynamic Type 3 Eyes

Take the time to learn these 3 new eyeshadow looks

Sometimes as a Type 3, we just stick to what works, but…

You may be missing out on highlighting one of your best facial features – your exotic eyes.  It will take you some time to learn a few new eye makeup tricks, but these are fast to learn and easy to do.

Create three dynamic (and can we say sexy?) Type 3 eyeshadow looks in no time with the Type 3 Twelve Shadow Palette.

See the Looks:

  1. (00:28) Use purple and brown to create a look that compliments this rich color (hear what that color is at the 1:40 mark). Plus, what tool to use to create detail and depth (2:05), and tips for thicker looking lashes (5:30).
  2. (9:06) Get your new Go-To with this natural look that uses your favorite green eyeliner.
  3. (12:34) Four colors for the win with this rich look. And learn why there are no “mistakes” (15:40).

You have the know-how, now get the products. Are you missing any of these essentials?



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