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How to Wear Bold Eyeshadow Without Going Too Dark

Create a neutral eyeshadow look with neon orange (yes, you read that right)

Are you playing it safe with makeup?

You’ve embraced your bold hues in your wardrobe, now it’s time to bring them into your makeup with eyeshadow.

You might be thinking “What, that on my face?!” Yes, Kalista’s expert tips will have you wearing these bold eyeshadows with confidence! (You’ll be surprised to see just how natural these colors look on a Type 4 women like yourself!)

You’ll learn how to create three chic looks with Type 4 Twelve Shadow Palette. At the 17:20-minute mark Kalista gives you a tip on how to use this palette as more than just shadows.

See the Looks:

  1. (1:20) Natural and nude with Goodmorning Sunshine.  Plus, why quality brushes are the key (2:50), and a tip for easy winged liner (7:30).
  2. (8:46) Perfect your “Elsa” look with Royal IcingThis icy pink and purple look with freeze them in their tracks. Are you using the best brush for dark eyeshadows? See it at 10:53.
  3. (14:14) How to let liner take center stage with Limelight. And a tip that will instantly expand your eyeliner selection (17:20).

You have the know-how, now get the products. Are you missing any of these essentials?



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