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Will You Always Question Your Type 1? Q&A With the Experts

Parenting as a Type 1 mom, not feeling “high-energy” enough for Type 1, and fun kinds of exercise!

It’s all here inside this broadcast of Q&A with the Experts!

We know you’ll want to come back to get the A’s to your Q’s again and again—so we time-stamped all the topics to make them easy to find!

  • (2:40) I absolutely LOVE the ocean. The look, the feel, the intensity. In the Before & After course, oceans appeared only in Type 1 videos. Does this mean oceans are Type 1 energy?
  • (4:48) I’m a Type 1/3, but I don’t feel “high energy.” I’m going through some life-changing muck that is very draining. I’ve noticed some 3/2’s have a similar look to their faces and I worry I mis-Typed myself. Is there any hope of not doubting my Type 1? (Marcy’s answer to this is so Type 1!)
  • (8:40) I remember seeing that Marcy acknowledged her Type 1 nature reluctantly—what did that process look like?
  • (10:30) Will you tell us about a time when you used your Type 1 energy to add lightness to a situation?
  • (15:23) What is your favorite Type 1 exercise?
  • (17:40) Do Type 1’s always like to chat with strangers and strike up conversations? I see a lot of Type 1 in my facial features, but I do not like small talk with strangers and tend to be withdrawn in public.
  • (21:40) I’m a Type 1 but am not drawn to colors or prints! Is this normal or will it change over time?
  • (24:44) I tend to lighten really sad or heavy conversation. It may seem inappropriate, but it’s my coping mechanism. Is that okay?
  • (26:00) As a mother, I need to help my children in being organized and accomplishing their responsibilities, but I have a hard time doing these things myself! How can I use my Type 1 nature to help motivate my children? (Stephanie’s tips are perfect!)
  • (31:45) Are the Experts dressing in 3×5 outfits today? (They go through each of their outfits and show you the formula in real life!)
  • (35:24) I want to live true to my Type, but I keep living in my secondary. I feel like I’m in constant working mode. I can never relax unless I have accomplished something. How do I know who I truly am and live true to my Type 1 nature?
  • (39:14) I really enjoyed the video on Type 1 eating. What do you do to enjoy your Type 1 eating habits?

Jaleah, Marcy, and Stephanie loved spending time with the Type 1 community. You ladies are just so great! Enjoy this recording and leave a comment sharing your BIGGEST takeaway!

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