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Type 2 Tips to Always Trust What is Best for You: Q&A With the Experts

Depression, sick husbands, and sticking to a routine and schedule.

Ladies, this is a Q&A with the Experts you’re going to want to bookmark to watch again in the future. Anne, Michelle, and Jenny have profound insight as they share personal stories so you can be supported on your own journey!

(Plus, we’ve timestamped the questions that were asked so you can easily find the one you need!)

  • (1:30) As a Type 2 that likes to just go-with-the-flow, how can I become more disciplined in my self-care routines without feeling too structured or beating myself up for being undisciplined?
  • (4:08) Do you drink tea or coffee or both? Do you prefer hot or cold drinks? Do different Energy Types have different preferences?
  • (5:42) As a Type 2/1, I find myself “secondary jumping” when it comes to style. I’ve been allowing myself to do it because it’s fun. I love dressing my truth as a Type 2, but I find myself playing with secondaries depending on my mood or the day’s situation. My concern is that I might be sending mixed messages out to the world. What are your thoughts?
  • (7:33) Is needing reassurance as a Type 2 an unhealthy habit to fall into? Sometimes I value others’ opinions about me more than my own. How do you ground in what YOU think is best and know it’s more important than what others think? (Their tips are phenomenal.)
  • (13:57) My hair and clothes take on the smell of anything around me—even the drive-thru window. Can my hair and clothes be that sensitive?
  • (15:20) As a Type 2/1, I often feel like a pinball running back and forth and not finishing things. I get to the end of the day and feel unproductive. How can I improve my focus?
  • (16:09) How can I help my Type 2/1 husband make his own decisions and not always ask me for my opinion?
  • (17:17) Can you explain the difference between Type 4 “seeing the big picture” and the Type 2 mental flow of seeing the past, present, and future?
  • (19:40) I feel like I flop back and forth between Type 2 and Type 4 depending on the day. What’s going on? How do you differentiate which one is actually dominant when it really feels like they’re equal?
  • (22:47) Michelle, your hair is gorgeous! Are you fully transitioned into your natural gray? Do you have any tips?
  • (24:47) What tips do you have for a very busy schedule? I find it hard to keep things balanced. Any tips for finding peace but keeping up with scheduling at the same time?
  • (28:55) I’ve suppressed my emotions for about the last 10 years. I am benefiting from the I Don’t Like My Type 2 Energy: Healing Session and have been working on giving myself permission to feel however I feel. My problem is that now I remember how uncomfortable the negative feelings are. Can you give me any advice to help me accept the feelings and then move through them more comfortably without feeling so much doom and gloom?
  • (35:58) For a Type 2, how does a secondary Type 4 opinion show up differently from a secondary Type 3 opinion?
  • (36:55) What is the difference between these two things: a Type 2’s tendency to plan and organize and a Type’s 4’s ability to run numbers and analyze?
  • (38:22) I love how relaxing meditating is, but even after Carol’s healing exercises, I’m more sensitive to sounds, smells, etc. Any advice to make this a more comfortable experience?
  • (40:15) How important is it to know your secondary Energy Type?
  • (42:00) My Type 2/4 doesn’t hold back if he’s not feeling well or upset. As a Type 2/1, I try to put on a pleasant face so I don’t bring anyone down. Could this be the difference between our secondaries—or is this a difference between men and women?

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