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Husbands, Decision-Making, & Social Anxiety: Type 3 Q&A With the Experts

It’s Q&A with the Experts! Sarah and Anna K team up to tackle all your questions. They’re so fun and “go get ’em”—and yet at the same time, you’ll feel like you’re sitting down having girl talk with them!

Some of these topics go deep. We have a feeling you’re going to circle back to this post (it’s just that good!), so we timestamped all the questions to make it easy for you to find them next time. Enjoy!

  • (0:30) Are there any “crossover colors”? I feel like sometimes olive and burgundy look both “dusty” and “dirty”. Both Style Guides even seem to work — is it just my imagination?
  • (2:12) How can I make my facial pores look smaller? (Anna K suggests this product and Sarah is a huge fan of this skincare line!)
  • (4:00) How do you ask for support or let your spouse know that you are supportive of them when they hate those words or phrases? (Anna K has great alternatives!)
  • (8:30) Is it possible for my secondary to be tied between Type 2 and Type 4? What’s the importance of discovering your secondary?
  • (11:46) I want to do certain things like the other Energy Types (like Type 4 meal planning). Should I not set that as my goal since it isn’t natural for my Energy Type even though I’m not satisfied with how I do certain things in a Type 3 manner?
  • (14:39) How do I help my Type 2 spouse move forward after he gets the details of things—without pushing too much?
  • (18:40) I am a Type 3/2, and I constantly feel like I’m at war with myself. My Type 3 energy wants to push forward with decisions while my secondary 2 likes to take time to sort out the details. I have a big life decision to make right now. How do you balance the 3/2 energy combo when it comes to making decisions?
  • (26:06) Do you still get “Type envy” from someone else’s style?
  • (29:37) Advice for this Type 3 who gets social anxiety around other high energies? I tend to compare myself, shut down, and get awkward.
  • (33:05) How long did it take you to really grow into your secondaries?

Wow, there were some awesome discussions during this event! Share which topic impacted you the most. We’d love to hear it in a comment!

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