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Do Affirmations Work If You Don’t Believe Them Yet? Type 4 Q&A With the Experts

Beautiful boundaries, secondary shortcuts, and becoming a stunning gardener. 😉

There’s a lot of great advice – and a little spunk – in this broadcast of Q&A with the Experts! You’re invited to join Kalista, Deborah, and Liz as they answer all of your questions. This time, we decided to timestamp each topic so you can return to this post and easily find what you need.

  • (0:20) I have difficulty accepting the concept of affirmations. While I recognize their value, I can’t bring myself to speak things as true which are presently false. How can I repackage the idea of affirmations so that I can use them with confidence in my life?
  • (4:35) If dressing Type 4 leaves you feeling energetically heavy and sad, does this mean you’re not a Type 4, or could it be a case of not incorporating your secondary enough?
  • (8:13) I have a 17-year-old Type 4 daughter and she’s having trouble finding teenager-y Type 4 clothes that aren’t too mature. Where can we find clothes in Type 4 hues?
  • (11:17) Does your secondary influence how black eyeliner would look on you? I’m a Type 4 but am struggling with the way black eyeliner looks on me.
  • (15:10) I’ve really enjoyed some of the Before & Afters that talk about maintaining religious preferences while still honoring the Energy Type. I’m struggling to find balance with Type 4 style (which I LOVE) and maintaining standards of modesty. I want to be bold, fitted, daring, and hack off all my hair! But I’m afraid it will not be well-received culturally. Do you have advice on what feels like trying to live boldly and true to my nature while in a box?
  • (19:12) How do each of you approach clothing or jewelry that isn’t “perfect”—for example, gold zippers?
  • (21:27) Any advice for being more friendly/vulnerable with other people, especially in new groups and situations? I went to a great conference last week but had a hard time initiating conversations with people.
  • (27:38) Any tips for a Type 4 who’s obsessed with getting it perfect when getting ready (clothes, makeup, etc). I find myself getting overwhelmed sometimes!
  • (31:40) How do you recommend incorporating the 3×5 formula when the weather gets warmer?
  • (35:35) Can you explain the difference between Type 4 “seeing the big picture” and the Type 2 mental flow of seeing the past, present, and future?
  • (38:53) I would love to hear more about which Type 4 patterns fit with the different secondaries!

What did you discover about your stunning Type 4 nature today? Share your “aha” moment below in a comment!

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