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Is Burgundy a Type 4 Color? Carol Drops In For This Q&A With the Experts

A recent board on StyleInspire sparked a discussion on whether or not burgundy was a Type 4 color, so lucky you—this broadcast of Q&A With the Experts features Carol, who dropped in for some color education!

You’ll love having a deeper understanding of the Type 4 colors!

Then it was time to answer questions from the Type 4 community! You’ll hear from ladies with all different secondaries: Kalista (4/1), Deborah (4/3), and Featured Guest, Liz (4/2).

Here are just a few of the topics covered:

  • Do all Type 4’s look great in black? What if you’ve been told you look better in navy blue?
  • What does Type 4 skin look like? What if it’s not perfect?
  • What does perfectionism look like for Type 4? How can you live more balanced and whole? (Deborah’s personal experience with this is calming and enlightening.)
  • How to end the cycle of over-analyzing your facial features and thinking you’re a different Type!

You’ll discover how to be a great parent to your children who express higher movements, how to balance your masculine and feminine energy as a bold woman, and how to stay in your calm energy when you’re around high-energy social situations.

This is a recording you’re going to appreciate again and again. What was your favorite part? Share your “aha” moment below in a comment!

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Type 4 resources mentioned in this broadcast:

Here are the outfits our stunning Type 4 women wore today:

These items were in stock when this post went live. If they’re not available anymore, browse the rest of the Type 4 Store. You’re sure to find something else you love!

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