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My Top 10 Fitness Tips for Rich, Dynamic Women

How to get the results you want—without burning out

You tend to set big goals so you can get big results. But sometimes you burn out before you finish.

You already know that exercise is good for you. So how can you make sure you succeed at your goals before crashing?

Here’s an important reminder for you as a Type 3 rich, dynamic woman: You have a physical, hands-on connection with the world. Getting that active release through the form of exercise is so good for you!

The best way to stick with your exercise plan is to add Type 3 movement to it. I have 10 tips to help you do that.

First, assess how you feel about fitness right now.

Finish these sentences. What’s the first thing that comes to mind for each blank?

  • I think working out is ___________
  • When (or if) I make fitness goals I usually find myself __________
  • When I choose to exercise I usually __________________

Would you like any of your answers to feel more confident? Let me help.

My Top 10 fitness tips for driven Type 3 Women

1. Make it a priority first thing in the morning.

You know how to get stuff done, and your day fills up quickly. Give yourself the advantage and exercise first thing in the morning. If you wait until later in the day, you’re less likely to stick with your exercise plan. Give up some other things to make it happen. Go to bed a little earlier so you’re ready to go in the morning.

2. Get adventurous outside.

Don’t contain yourself to the basement or gym. Get yourself out in nature whenever possible! Instead of walking on the treadmill, go hiking.  Mix things up and find activities that challenge you. Maybe it’s time to try a new activity like dance, Zumba, hip-hop abs, kickboxing, etc.

3. Break rules.

You don’t have to follow an exact regimen. You have a push-forward drive that serves you well.  Use it to achieve your fitness goals! Don’t be afraid to break rules so you can listen to your body and do what works for your nature.

4. Multi-task with a goal in mind.

Throw on your workout gear, set a timer, and clean the house with determination and focus. Play music to keep you moving and motivated. You’ll be impressed with yourself as you check off two goals in one activity!

5. Invest in a trainer.

Personal trainers can be supportive because they will keep you going. They’ll also help you pace yourself so you can achieve your goals, see results, and be less likely to over-do it! Another idea is to find an accountability partner—I recommend a Type 2 or Type 4 friend to keep you on track.

6. Short & intense workouts.

You don’t need to exercise for an hour. Your swift nature can handle it when you go big for quicker periods of time. Just make sure it’s intense enough so you get the physical release you need. Keep your movement and exercise around 30 minutes, and you’ll feel great.

7. Believe it or not, you need rest.

Typically you play and work hard, so remember to rest hard. Get adequate sleep every night in order to maintain your energy level and support your body as you recover between workouts. Remember: rest is essential to avoid crashing.

8. Get competitive.

You are naturally competitive, so run with it! You can choose to be competitive with yourself or with others. Team and individual sports/competitions can be valuable to your workout routine.

9. It’s okay to be irregular.

Your Type 3 movement can be irregular, so don’t beat yourself up if you notice that tendency showing up in your fitness routine. Instead, use it to your advantage! Give yourself the flexibility of having a pre-determined window for different exercises, length, intensity, weights, etc.

10. Don’t give up too soon.

With your swift nature, you’ll need to have some patience when it comes to fitness and nutrition planning.  Don’t give up because you aren’t seeing results immediately.  Learn the basic details of a program and understand the amounts of food you’re eating so you can be successful.

How will you make your fitness more adventurous?

As you read each of these tips, a few of them probably stood out to you. What is your body trying to tell you?

To put it into words, finish this last sentence:

  • I’ll make my fitness experience more adventurous by ___________

How do you finish that sentence? Please share in a comment. I’d love to hear your intention. And your fellow Type 3 friends will be motivated by your enthusiasm!

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