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Hit Your Fitness Goals – My Top 10 Tips for Bold, Stunning Women

Here's how to be all in and succeed at your goals.

Due to your all-or-nothing nature, you’ll either exercise diligently—or not at all.

You already know that exercise is good for you. So what will ensure that you’ll actually do it?

Here’s an important reminder for you as a Type 4 bold, still woman: Your biggest challenge is that you’ll try to make it perfect. Instead of throwing in the towel altogether, honor your Type 4 gift of “perfecting.”

Allow yourself to be your own authority to make fitness more efficient and effective for you. These 10 tips will help you do that.

First, assess how you feel about fitness right now.

Finish these sentences. What’s the first thing that comes to mind for each blank?

  • I think working out is ___________
  • When (or if) I make fitness goals I usually find myself __________
  • When I choose to exercise I usually __________________

Would you like any of your answers to feel more supportive? Let me help.

My Top 10 fitness tips for constant and structured Type 4 Women

1. Pick the program that feels correct.

Most programs are catered to Type 4 people. Find one you trust and enjoy. You’ll do best with a training program that is clear and concise and focuses on perfecting your performance, such as karate or another martial art.

2. Have a plan.

You won’t find success if you fly by the seat of your pants. You need a measurable plan to follow since you won’t be as motivated just by the idea of exercise itself.

3. Use consistency to your advantage.

Your natural tendency toward consistency makes it easier for you to follow programs or directions. Once you find a plan, keep the same days every week. Whether it’s 6 days a week or 3 days—tell yourself you’ll do it, and you will.

4. Allow yourself to be tested.

Interval training is a good challenge since you like to be tested. Competitive and/or team sports can be fulfilling as well. You may also enjoy competing against yourself.

5. Become an expert.

Find an activity in which you can become an expert, such as Zumba, spin, pilates, etc. You’ll find a great deal of satisfaction from the improvement you see in yourself, as well as being able to teach others as you progress.

6. Find a trainer you respect.

You will take your fitness more seriously if you have respect for your trainer. Find someone who’s an expert in their field so they can teach you proper skills, technique, posture, positions, etc. You will see more success when your trainer understands your needs.

7. Seek out solitude during fitness.

Solitude exercises can bring you the inner stillness you enjoy so much. Yoga or other meditative practices can be fulfilling, as well as biking or swimming. You will still get the challenge you need with these inward practices.

8. Keep track of your results.

Measure your results on a regular basis to see your improvement. Use a fitness app, a fitness journal, or track through pictures and graphs in a notebook. You may thrive even more when you see your results in front of you.

9. Make a change.

Bend the rules of programs. Make them more perfect for you! You know yourself better than anyone. Be your own authority and make those calls when you need to.

10. Let your high standards guide you.

If a program isn’t showing results for you within three weeks, allow yourself to find a new one that is more effective. You are your own authority, do what works for you.

How will you make your fitness more satisfying?

As you read each of these tips, a few of them probably stood out to you. What is your body trying to tell you?

To put it into words, finish this last sentence:

  • I’ll make my fitness experience more satisfying by ___________

How do you finish that sentence? Please share in a comment. I’d love to hear your intention. And your fellow Type 4 friends will be supported by your reflection!

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