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How to Detox Struggle From Your Life: Type Talk With Carol

“Struggle.” Just seeing that word makes you cringe.

Then let’s change that. In this Type Talk With Carol, you’re invited to join Carol (along with hundreds of other women) and remove that word from your vocabulary—for good.

How can you do that? It’s all inside this recording! But first, Carol starts off by profiling two public figures:

The Lifestyle community sent in so many great questions for this show. Here’s just a few of them:

      • Are Energy Types inherited? Are there genetic influences that determine your Type?
      • I’m a Type 1/4 and when I’m around two family members, things feel too intense and heavy. How do I honor them—and myself?
      • How is it possible to feel like I know my Type, but I question it because a family/friend is the same Type—yet we’re SO different?
      • I’m having issues with my hair; I can’t get it to look my Type! Does that mean I’ve mis-Typed myself?
      • I know that Type 3’s are direct, and Type 4’s are bold—what’s the difference?
      • How do I know if not liking my Type is fear-based or if I just got my Type wrong?
      • As a Type 2, I was shut down a lot when I used to ask questions to gather more details; how can I heal that now?

You’ll also discover how to develop your Beauty Sixth Sense, what a Type 3 can do when she’s worried about being too overwhelming, how a mom can teach her children to heal even though she was part of their wounding, and how to keep your secondary from taking over.

Leave a comment and share your favorite part of this show. You’re sure to inspire others with your “aha” moment!

I recently launched The Carol Tuttle Healing Center. The video sessions and healing plans I’ve created will help you heal any of the issues above—and a hundred more. I invite you to start your first healing session today.


Healing sessions and resources mentioned in this broadcast:

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