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Is it Possible to Appear “Still” Even If You’re a Higher Energy Type? Type Talk with Carol

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Can your Energy Type change over time? What about due to illness or mental health challenges?

You’ll learn more about these topics in this broadcast of Type Talk, but first, I profile the cast of the TV show, FRIENDS. Before looking below to see the answers, remember my one tip: look at the whole face—what list of expressive movements do you see first?

Here’s a list of all the questions asked during this event—they’re timestamped so you can easily find them when you rewatch this video in the future!

  • (14:05) “Carol, what was your Word of the Year for 2018, and what word are you choosing for 2019?”
  • (18:20) Does each Energy Type have a preferred sleeping position?
  • (19:23) I recently lost a child. How do the different Types handle grief and loss?
  • (20:30) Why am I having so much trouble Typing my own children? (You will find so many resources on the Child Whisperer website to help you.)
  • (22:27) I’m a Type 3 and get bored with jobs very easily. How do I add interest, change, and dynamic energy into my work? (Follow my YouTube channel for more helpful videos about the Law of Attraction.)
  • (23:45) Can someone grow into their true Type as they mature, or is it more common to live true to Type as a young child?
  • (25:25) How can a Type 4 start to heal themselves if they were not supported in their childhood?
  • (26:05) Will you be doing any #ClueBombs today? (Listen to hear changes of how I’ll be doing #ClueBombs from now on.)
  • (30:45) Can Reiki help with Energy Profiling?
  • (31:37) Do men also have healing work to do that prevents them from living true to Type? Or is that only for women?
  • (33:05) Is it possible for a baby to appear “still” but be a higher movement Energy Type?
  • (35:10) I’m a Type 1 trying to figure out my secondary. What’s the difference between a Type 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4?
  • (36:51) “Carol, do you ever just go without makeup and wear yoga pants?” (Watch this video about my journey of overcoming lies and choosing self-acceptance.)
  • (40:44) Does Autism mask a child’s true Energy Type? Does only one Type of child usually have Autism?
  • (42:27) My husband has had depression, anxiety, and anger for years. I try not to take on his energy. What’s the most important thing I can do to help? I’m Type 2, and he’s Type 3.
  • (44:05) Can bipolar (or any mental health condition) change someone’s Energy Type over time?
  • (44:50) Is there a Type, or a combination, that is more common or rare on the planet right now?

What did you think of this event? Leave a comment and share your favorite part of this show. You’re sure to inspire others with your “aha” moment!

Here are the confirmed Energy Types of the FRIENDS cast:

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