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What Does “Downtime” Look Like for All 4 Types? Type Talk with Carol

Carol takes 16 questions during this live event! Watch to see her answers...

Can trauma change your Type? Do depression and anxiety look the same across all 4 Energy Types?

You’ll learn more about these topics in this broadcast of Type Talk, but first, I profile the two main characters from the classic movie, Casablanca:

Here’s a list of all the questions asked during this event—they’re timestamped so you can easily find them when you rewatch this video in the future!

  • (8:52) You mentioned every Type needs downtime, not just Type 2 and Type 4. What does downtime look like for all the 4 Types?
  • (14:24) Can a Type 4 be low contrast in their facial features, such as fair skin and fair hair?
  • (15:26) Do depression and anxiety affect each Type differently? And can it affect how we Type ourselves?
  • (20:10) How can I stay true to my Type 4 nature when I’m in a social setting that requires me to be more outgoing?
  • (21:27) Do you see your secondary Energy Type in your face as well?
  • (22:56) Can a traumatic incident change your Type, or does your personality change to accommodate the trauma?
  • (23:30) If you’ve repressed your true Type for a long time, what are physical health issues that show up for each Type as a result?
  • (27:40) I’m a Type 3 and I get along great with everyone in my office—exept one woman. When I’m around her, I retreat and feel very self-conscious. How do I work on this?
  • (29:11) Is it beneficial to make ourselves do everything true to Type?
  • (30:17) I lost my job recently—the atmosphere was smothering. It’s not practical to go back to school for a degree at this point, but I want to work in this field. Help!
  • (31:32) What do you do when the mind is just “stuck”? You know what you need to do, but you feel blocked?
  • (32:11) I’m a Type 2 and have gained more than 40 pounds since starting Dressing Your Truth five years ago. Is this connected?
  • (33:33) I’m a Type 1/2, and I have a hard time staying true to myself. How do I avoid adapting to others to keep them happy?
  • (35:36) How can you tell when it’s correct to lean into your Type’s natural tendencies and when to be mindful of its challenges?
  • (37:47) What’s the difference between Type 1 starpoints and Type 3 angles?
  • (39:02) I have a lot of behaviors that line up with my Type, and a lot that don’t. How do you tell the difference between learned behaviors and those that are natural?

What did you think of this event? Leave a comment and share your favorite part of this show. You’re sure to inspire others with your “aha” moment!

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Healing sessions and resources mentioned in this broadcast:

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