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How to Train Your Mind & Get More Confident – Type Talk with Carol

Do you experience insecurity & self-doubt?

You may have experienced childhood wounding that left you seeking approval from outside sources. It’s time for you to train your mind and become more confident in your self-knowing.

You’ll learn how in this broadcast of Type Talk, but first, I profile the five main characters from the popular TV show, This is Us:

Here’s a list of all the questions asked during this event—they’re timestamped so you can easily find them when you rewatch this video in the future!

  • (15:47) Could childhood wounding cause a Type 3 woman to complete tasks in a slow, detailed, perfecting manner? Can someone’s true energy be hijacked by fear?
  • (17:40) If we had perfect parents and a perfect upbringing, would we be living true to our Energy Types?
  • (20:53) What can you do when you’re not seeing yourself in any of the Energy Types, but you see yourself in all of them as secondaries? I’m losing sleep over this and becoming extremely depressed from trying to figure it out! Help!
  • (23:30) As a Type 3, how do you prioritize self-care? How do you take all of this “outward” energy and turn it inward before you crash?
  • (27:07) Can the wrong haircut cause you to get Type-specific compliments? I’m a Type 3 and got a Type 3 haircut, but my compliments are, “Hello, Sunshine! Adorable! Fresh!” Is that a clue that I may have Typed myself incorrectly? Or is that showing my secondary?
  • (30:08) As the weather gets warmer, how does a Type 3 keep her fabrication substantial?
  • (31:14) What’s the difference between Type 2 details and Type 2 perfecting?
  • (34:38) I’m split between two secondaries—how do I know which one I am?
  • (35:32) Can you address the Type 1/4 intensity? Can a Type 1/4 BE intense?
  • (36:17) I’m a Type 3/4 and I have a Type 2 boss. We talk about a lot of details, but I’m not sure what my action steps and deadlines are. Any tips on how to communicate and be respectful?
  • (40:03) Can you explain why a Type 1/4 or 4/1 might “feel” like they are a Type 2? What causes this?
  • (42:48) As a Type 2/1, I feel self-conscious about wearing light fabrications with the extra weight I carry. Any tips?

What an awesome event! Leave a comment and share your favorite part of this show. You’re sure to inspire others with your “aha” moment!

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