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Your Yin/Yang Relationship Combo: How and Why it Matters

How to Balance the Yin/Yang of your Intimate Relationship

Mapping out the Yin/Yang combination of your intimate relationship/marriage will give you some big “ah-has”. It will help you nurture yourself and your relationship better while supporting your partner even more.

In Lifestyle, we talk a lot about our Yin/Yang combos. If you aren’t familiar with this concept yet, take a few minutes to watch these videos to get caught up:

Knowing the Yin/Yang combo of your relationship will help you eliminate judgment and conflict and create a more peaceful and honoring partnership.

Your relationship will fall into one of these 3 Yin/Yang combos:

Balanced (1:00) In this combo, Yin/Yang is balanced. Either both partners will have equal Yin/Yang (2 Yin & 2 Yang) -or- one partner will have more Yin (3 Yin & 1 Yang) while the other will have more Yang (3 Yang & 1 Yin).
Benefit: Balanced ratio of Yin/Yang.
Challenge: Approaching the world in different manners. Often operating independently of one another.
Support: Making time to connect, relate and communicate.

Yin (3:55) In this combo, Yin is dominant. With each partner having 2 or more Yin.
Benefit: Take time to move, have a softer more inward approach to life. Connecting on an emotional level.
Challenge: Can get bogged down, with the Yang partner feeling weighted down or held back.
Support: Both partners being aware of the needs of the Yang partner to have outward movements and activities, being intentional to create those opportunities.

Yang (5:56) In this combo, Yang is dominant. With each partner having 2 or more Yang.
Benefit: Active and moving outward. Busy style with accomplishments, goals, and activities.
Challenge: Can become overly busy, with the Yin partner feeling lost in the business.
Support: Both partners being aware of the needs of the Yin partner to have light and free times to either go inward or play, being intentional to create those opportunities.

Map out your Yin/Yang relationship combination. Are you Balanced, Yin, or Yang. Share this with your partner. Ask yourself and each other: What are we noticing? What are our benefits, and what are our challenges?

The more awareness we have the better choices we can make to create that affluent relationship in all six areas of our lives.

Resources to create an honoring intimate relationship:

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