How Your Messy Childhood Room Messes Up Your Grown-Up Life

Think about your childhood room.

How clean were you expected to keep it? Was the level of cleanliness ever a fight between you and your parents?

Most importantly: Do you know how that dynamic is messing up your life as an adult?

I already talked this week about how a child’s clean room can mess up their life. But now it’s time to talk about you. You may have held onto conflict and anger connected to the very act of caring for your personal space.

Let’s get that energy out in the open so you can clear it and experience more ease in maintaining a room and a house you feel good in.

The Fun-Loving TYPE 1 Child, all grown up

  • The imbalance: No motivation to be tidy.

As a child, you may have been required to keep your room tidy on a structured schedule. It went against your light, random nature. Now you resist that stifling feeling by never wanting to clean a thing.

  • The solutions: Get support. That might mean bringing someone in to do deep cleaning. It might mean cutting down on the number of items you own so that you can leave things out and around without the space feeling too messy. Accept that you are more random and your space doesn’t have to look sleek and structured.

The Sensitive TYPE 2 Child, all grown up

  • The imbalance: Excessive piles, which can tend all the way toward hoarding.

As a child, you may have been pushed to let things go that you wanted to hold onto. It went against your connected nature. Now you don’t want to let go of anything.

  • The solution: Create a space specifically for piles (papers, projects, etc.) If items piled there go beyond the borders that you’ve set for that pile, it’s time to go through it. Accept that you can let many things go while still holding onto the things that really matter to you.

The Determined TYPE 3 Child, all grown up

  • The imbalance: Can’t quite get it all done.

As a child, you may have been told to clean your room when you were in the middle of other things. It interrupted your projects and the big things you wanted to get done. Now cleaning itself feels like a project you can’t get finished.

  • The solution: Move fast and just do the big stuff. Get support from others (people you live with or outside help) to take care of the details. Accept that you can check many things off your list, but cleaning is not something that stays permanently “done.”

The More Serious TYPE 4 Child, all grown up

  • The imbalance: An obsession with cleanliness

As a child, you may not have been allowed authority over your own space to make it as clean as you wanted. Now that you’re in control of your own life, you’re tidy to the point of obsession.

  • The solution: Select a few smaller spaces in your larger room or home that you value being immaculate. Take authority of those spaces. Especially if you live with other people, accept that other spaces do not need to be as tightly controlled.

PS. It’s National Clean Your Room Day today!

Support your inner child by cleaning your room in a way that honors your true nature!

(Not sure which of these 4 Energy Types describes you? It’s easy to find out with my free Energy Profiling course.)

Image by Mislav Morohnic

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