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How to Overcome Lack and Struggle in Your Relationship With Money

Is money your friend or foe?

We all have a relationship with money, so let’s look at your relationship with it.

Which of these two statements best describes you?

If you believe the first statements of each set, then it’s clear money is your friend.

If you believe the second statements, you have created money to be your foe.

4 Questions to Reveal Your Relationship with Money:

1. How do you speak about it?

I speak positively of money and my experience with money.


I often speak about money by referencing that there isn’t enough and I don’t have control over how much money I have.

2. How do you feel about spending it?

I enjoy spending money and trust I will have enough.


I feel guilty/fearful/worried when I spend money and believe I will run out.

3. Who (or what) is in charge?

I believe money is a resource that supports me.


I believe money has more power than me and I can’t control it.

4. What’s your overall view of it?

I know that money is a resource God has provided to serve me and my family and I feel gratitude for what I have.


I feel like money is a struggle and I’m fighting with it a lot. I often think life would be easier if I didn’t have to deal with money.

The truth is that money isn’t going to disappear from your life.

So you might as well start believing money is your friend!

Years ago, my husband and I decided to confront our limiting beliefs and feelings around money.

That was 20 years ago, and we were $45,000 in credit card debt. Plus, we had no income!

I will be forever grateful for that experience, as it sparked the beginning of my journey of discovering how powerful our beliefs are to create our experience with money.

We chose together to make money our friend. We view it as a resource God provided to serve and bless our lives.

It didn’t happen overnight. But with diligence and practice, we’ve made this our constant experience with money.

I’ve produced some resources to help you shift your beliefs and experience with money. (Two of them are accessible to Lifestyle Members. It’s an inexpensive membership that’s more than worth the investment!)

Ready to take the first step? Make this your new belief:

“Money is my friend and a resource God has provided to bless my life and my family’s life. I am grateful I have enough and more for the things I need and the experiences I desire to have.”

Use your beautiful Type-specific lipstick and write it on your bathroom mirror where you can see it every day! Every time you feel challenged by your limiting beliefs, read the statement again.

You are a powerful creator. Choose to use your god-given power to make money your friend.




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