How Being Grateful Gets You More of What You Want

Happiness is a state of being.

In today’s world we make it a condition.

Yet, you’re the only one with the power to allow happiness as your state of being.

This information will change your life.

If you write it out and read it with the intention to put it into practice in your life for the next 7 days, you’re going to see powerful results.

In fact, print it out and refer to it throughout your week.

These brief and powerful messages are designed to give you the insight and tools to bring your God-given design of happiness alive in your life and to use the power God has given you to create a joy-filled, prosperous life.

Ready to create better health, amazing relationships, and a substantial flow of money to support your purpose?

Start this week with activating the power of appreciation and gratitude!

Appreciation and gratitude are two of the most powerful emotional states we can be in.

Appreciate everything. Express gratitude for every single moment of your life. The more you create feelings of appreciation and gratitude, the more you’ll attract things into your life that you can appreciate be grateful for.

Gratitude is one of the highest vibrations we can be in. Look for things you can be grateful for.

Every day this week as you’re driving along in the car, play The Grateful Game.

Either by yourself or with your family, share out loud what you’re grateful for.

Everything counts.

How big can you make it? How long is your list of things you’re grateful for?

Write yourself a reminder, “play the Grateful Game” and put it on the dashboard in your car.

Remember, happiness is a state of being that God has specifically designed you for.

You’re created to be in charge of your happiness, no matter the condition of your life.

Let’s get started right now.

Share three things you’re grateful for in the comments and keep this higher vibration going!

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God Bless You,


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