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The Type 1 & Type 4 Relationship: Episode 1

They say opposites attract.

I’d also say that opposites can either create conflict or bring out your greatest strengths, depending on how you approach the relationship!

In this video (first in a series about every relationship combination of Energy Types), Anne and I talk about Type 1 and Type 4 energy together in a relationship.

Listen for the greatest challenges for both a Type 1 and Type 4 partner—as well as tips for each to create a relationship that supports and honors you both. You’ll be so glad you watched:

As I say in this video, our partners are our biggest mirrors. Whether you believe something limited or empowering about yourself, it WILL show up in your relationship.

Affirmation for this partnership: I am grateful we are employing the opposite qualities and expressions of our nature and they are forthcoming in bringing out the greatest good in both of us and our relationship.

Resources referred to in this video:
But What If I Don’t Like That I’m a Type 1?
But What If I Don’t Like That I’m a Type 4?

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