How to Create Piecey Texture in Your Hairstyle: Styling Putty or Texture Taffy?

Achieve the look you want with the right hair product for your style and hair type.

What is the difference between Styling Putty and Texture Taffy? And how do you know which is best for your hair type and style?

In this video, Expert Stylist Nicole will explain the similarities and differences to help you decide which one will work best for your hair.

(00:11) Similarities: What do they both do?

(00:40) Differences: Which one is best or your hairstyle and hair type?

Whether your hair is short in a pixie cut, or long and cascading down your back, one of these products will be perfect for you!

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Video Transcript:

Nicole: My clients asked me often, “What is the difference between texture taffy and styling putty?” I’m so excited to tell you all about it and you’re gonna love these products. Let’s talk about the similarities first. What I love about each of these is that they both are for piecing and defining your texture. They’re really good in creating texture in the hair and defining the pieces and creating that light movement that you’re really trying to achieve. I use both of these products on every length of hair, from short pixies to long waves. I love it for all lengths and I know you’re gonna love it too. Let’s talk about the styling putty first. This is a lightweight paste and as I take this out and stick it on my palm, you can see that it’s not that tacky.

It’s just really smooth, I love that about this. I use this a lot when I had a pixie haircut. I like this because it’s not oily in the hair, it goes in dry and gives a really nice texture. It’s a light medium hold and great for finer textures of hair. So, if you have a finer texture and you’re worried about putting in some sort of pomade or taffy, this is a really great option because it goes in really light. Now, the texture taffy is pretty tacky. It’s just like a taffy, just what it says. So, seeing this on my fingers, you can see that it’s pretty tacky. So, I put a lot of it on my palm for later and use it little by little. It’s a medium hold and it’s good for all textures, all hair types.

It just goes a really long way, so use a little bit to begin with and then add more as you need it. The texture taffy is a flexible styling paste. What I love about it is is that it can be reshaped and re-molded in the hair, so once it’s in the hair, you can play and reshape and move the hair and it’ll hold it really nicely or if you choose not to move and just let the hair be set, it will hold throughout the day. Really great that way. One of these products is going to be perfect for you, I’m eager to hear about which one you like most. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your purse and click on the link below, one of these products is going to help you have your happy hair day. We’ll see ya.

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