There’s Enough Money for Everyone!

Money is a system of energy.

It’s a neutral energy that operates according to the beliefs and perceptions we have each placed on it.

Air is also energy, yet most people do not believe in a lack of air.

When you breathe in air, do you panic because you fear that there may not be enough, so you’d better count your breaths to make sure you don’t run out?

Do you scold your children for taking in too many breaths and using too much air?

Do you worry that you might run out of air at the end of the day, week, or month?

The amount of money you have is directly related to your beliefs about money.

A lot of people believe there is not enough money, and their lives reflect that belief.

That was me.

In 1995 my husband and I racked up a scary amount of credit card debt with no means to repay it.

This was in the early days of my energy healing training where I learned that everything starts with a thought and a feeling.

Even money is a neutral experience in our lives.

Our thoughts, feelings and perceptions of this resource craft a daily experience with it.

When I realized I had the power to create the experience I wanted with money, I started implementing a more affluent and mindful approach to it.

Now my husband and I are partners in this affluent mindset with money. And it’s been two decades of this practice for us!

I can say it’s literally paid off.

Even though this was a very painful experience for me, I’m so glad it played out in my life when it did.

Every time you spend money, what feelings do you have? Do you feel good or feel worried?

What thoughts run through your head? In my book, Remembering Wholeness, I talk a lot about shifting your beliefs so they support you!

Are you putting your happiness on hold until you have more money?

Do you worry you shouldn’t be spending your money because you’re thinking about how much you don’t have?

Need more help changing your flow with money? Do you have more money flowing out than in?

I’ve been there, and I’ve been using these techniques for 20 years.

I can help you.

Money obeys us with the script we’ve given it. If you’re running a lot of negative thoughts about money, it is time to write a new script.

In the coming weeks, I’ll teach you how to write a new script for money in your life.

Until then, notice your thoughts, statements, and feelings about money.

Using a dry erase marker, write on your bathroom mirror:

“I am creating a new script with money. Thanks, money, for changing your experience with me. I am ready for more.”

Read this every morning, and as you do you’re already on your way to creating a new script with money.

Remember, money has no power except the power you give it through your thoughts, feelings and perceptions of it.

For more support in shifting your experience with money, I recommend my bestselling book, Remembering Wholeness.


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