Sigh of Relief in a Bottle… A Type 2 Essential Oil Blend

Ever feel anxious? Worried? Overwhelmed?

If you’re a Type 2 woman, you can be particularly prone to worry or sensitive to stress. Let’s take a big breath together today and reconnect you with your own peaceful energy.

In this video, Anne and I share a soothing essential oil blend perfect for your Type 2 nature, plus a calming visualization exercise that connects you with your heart. Watch, enjoy, and relax back into your beautiful self:

Ahh… That’s better, isn’t it?

I personally use and endorse Annmarie Skin Care products, including her essential oils. The oil sample kit includes little bottles of all her blends (including the Love oil blend—perfect for all 4 Energy Types).

Get your sample kit from Annmarie Skin Care.

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