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An Energy Technique That Brings Harmony To Your Life: Type Talk With Carol

This broadcast of Type Talk With Carol is a recording you’re sure to re-watch again and again.

It covered face profiling, why doodling is so important when you’re determining your Energy Type, and even whether or not your Type plays out in your sex life.

But first, Carol started off the show by profiling these four, well-known people:

The questions started pouring in from our live viewers. Here’s a quick look into a few of them:

  • “I don’t like confrontation at all—it makes me uncomfortable and snarky. How do I respond in a caring way in the moment?”
  • “Do all Type 2’s look bad with their hair parted down the middle?”
  • “Why can a Type 3 let go of hurtful comments more easily than a Type 1?”
  • “Does Face Profiling still work when you’re overweight?”
  • “People describe me as ‘cute’ —but I’m a Type 3. Does that mean I’m not a Type 3?”
  • “What are some hobbies I can do to support my true nature?”
  • And many more!

Carol closes the session with an energy technique that creates and restores harmony in your home, your relationships, and within yourself. You’re invited to join her so you can open your heart and mind to more joy.

How did this event support you? Leave a comment below! We’d love to read your story.

I recently launched The Carol Tuttle Healing Center. The video sessions and healing plans I’ve created will help you heal any of the issues above—and a hundred more. I invite you to start your first healing session today.

Healing sessions and resources mentioned in this broadcast:

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