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How to Add Your Yin & Yang Combo Into Your Type 3/4 Style

Get the right balance for fierce refined style

When you know your yin yang profile you’ll have “nailed it” style every time.

As a Type 3 woman, you’re aiming for outfits with texture, substance, and edge. But have you ever felt that your overall look is too much (00:40), or is texture taking over (1:40)?

There’s a reason for that! You could have an imbalance in the yin/yang combination in your clothes!

It’s not that you’re doing it wrong, there is just an opportunity to improve your style choices. You’ve got the yang, but you’re missing the refinement of the yin (2:46). Gain balance with your yin yang ratio by bringing in this key Type 4 element (4:13)

As a Type 3/4, Carol has a yang-yang-yin-yang combination. If you have the same Energy Type combo, your best outfits will be textured and edgy with an expression of polish and refinement.

Take Carol’s challenge! Get out your Style Kit, and find an item in your closet that hasn’t been working. Don’t just toss it. Apply what you learned in the yin/yang video to your outfit and share your results in the comments!

Watch these for more about your yin/yang combo:

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