Let’s Type the Hosts of Fox 13’s “The Place”

Fox 13’s “The Place” Segment

Three television hosts. Three different Energy Types.

As a regular guest on Fox 13’s “The Place,” I share Child Whisperer tips about each of the 4 Types of children. And some of my fans have been asking:

Which Types are the hosts?

In this fun segment, I reveal the Energy Types of TV hosts Brittany Graham, Brook Graham, and Dave Nemeth. (Think you can assess them? Click here to see their recent photos.)

Before you watch, here’s a quick hint: between the three hosts, there’s a Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3. What a great example of how every Energy Type can succeed in any job—true to their nature! Watch to see the features in their faces and the tendencies in their work experience:

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As I say in the video, simple changes have profound outcomes in families.

If you’re working through a challenge with a child or a painful pattern in your family, consider the possibility that the solution is simple. Maybe even simpler than you think! As a parent, allow your intuition to guide you to a path that’s clear.

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