Jeans for Every Type of Woman: How to Find Your Perfect Pair

Your Type of beauty helps you discover the best pair of jeans

As women, we dream of finding the perfect pair of jeans.

We think, “They must be out there, hiding in some store, somewhere in the world, right?” It would feel so good to slip into those dream jeans and know you can walk with total confidence.

Let’s help you do that. The secret is to match your jeans to your Energy Profile. Each Type of beauty has a unique set of energy traits, flowing inside-out from a woman’s personality. When you know which Type of woman you are, everything else unfolds naturally from there.

With the help of four friends – Hilary, Amy, Christine, and Sherri – we can shed light on your perfect jeans Type.

Bright & Animated Type 1 Hilary
Type 1 Hilary showing her jeans for her Type

People describe Hilary as a naturally lighthearted and upbeat person. Her cheerful attitude really lights up a room, and she needs denim that won’t weigh her down. Hilary’s ideal pair of jeans has the following characteristics:

  • Lightweight
  • Light-colored or whitewashed
  • Crisp
  • Lightly embellished on the pockets or hardware
  • A length that doesn’t drag or become too heavy

A dark, heavy pair of jeans would weigh Hilary down and dampen her energy. Instead, look at Hilary’s jeans now: she’s wearing a pair of crisp, light-colored jeans with just a dash of sparkle on the pockets. The perfect length of her jeans allows freedom of movement that lets her energy shine. If she wears a denim jacket, it’s a lightweight design with delicate gold hardware. Her denim glows with the same bright vibes as her personality.

Soft & Subtle Type 2 Amy
Type 2 Amy showing jeans for her Type

Amy is known for her calm, relaxed style. She has a quiet side and takes great care with the details of her life. Amy’s pair of jeans needs to match her soft, comfortable energy. Here’s her ideal denim:

  • Forgiving fit
  • Soft, pliable fabric
  • Blended hardware
  • Low contrast buttons and embellishments
  • A grey wash with muted top-stitching

It wouldn’t suit Amy to wear a crisp, stiff pair of jeans, because her energy is so much softer. She would look great in a pair of simple, relaxed-fit grey jeans that have a natural flowing fabrication. She could also wear a soft grey denim jacket that gives her plenty of smooth and flowing movement.

Rich & Dynamic Type 3 Christine
Type 3 Christina showing her Type of jeans

Dynamic and determined, Christine is the kind of person who enjoys checking things off her to-do list. Her wardrobe is full of rich, textured fabrics that compliment her vigorous personality. Christine’s ideal pair of jeans is:

  • Made with substantial weight and texture
  • Grainy, dirty, or dark washed
  • Wrapped in edgy brassy or gold embellishments
  • Angles in design line
  • Can do boot-cut or slim fit

Think back to cheery Hilary’s Type 1 light-wash ankle jeans—they’d never suit Christine’s active/reactive style. Christine would look great in a dark blue dirty-washed jean jacket that has textured embellished pockets.

Bold & Stunning Type 4 Sherri
Sherri showing her Type 4 pair of jeans

Sherri is sophisticated and precise about what she likes. She prefers order and structure in her daily life, just like she does in her clothing. When it comes to jeans, her perfect match will be:

  • Tailored and sleek
  • Clean and simple design lines
  • Saturated with bold, solid color
  • Totally free of fading or washes
  • Topstitch creates high contrast or no contrast at all

Sherri’s ideal jeans are tailored, sleek stunners in saturated deep blue denim. In fact, she has a closet full of high-quality colored jeans that compliment her favorite bold black-and-white patterned shirts. Her tailored jeans always fit her perfectly, so she can move from point A to point B with total confidence.

Living Your Truth in Jeans

See how each of the women above is able to find her perfect denim, but each pair of dream jeans is so different from the others? Each woman has found the fabric and fit that suit her energy and allow her to feel comfortable in her own skin.

What’s your perfect pair of jeans? If it still feels like a mystery, just go right back to the basics:

  1. Reflect on your Type of beauty and what it means about your energy.
  2. Observe the specific shapes and lines that go along with your Energy Profile.
  3. Look for the same outlines next time you shop.
  4. Pay attention to the details, like wash, texture, length, and color. Use your Style Guide as a reminder of what works for your Type.
  5. Always ask yourself, “Do I love it?” before heading to the checkout, to make sure you’ll be 100% happy with your new purchase.

Don’t give up on finding the perfect pair of jeans! Dressing Your Truth is about discovery. You’re still learning new things about your signature style. Finding your dream jeans will support you in walking with total confidence!

Start your Before & After today!

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