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What Your Reading Style Says About You

Do your reading habits reflect who you are?

Without even knowing it, you have a reading style that says a lot about who you are!

Are you a bookworm? Or do you only read on occasion? What genre do you like best? Do you finish every book you start, or do you have many unfinished books on your nightstand?

There are four Types of reading styles—and you will be amazed to find yourself in one of them!

How do I know there are 4 main reading styles? Because there are 4 Energy Types.

Energy Profiling is a system that teaches people the 4 Types of nature. Everything in our world leads with one of those Types, even flowers and pets!

Our day-to-day tendencies tell us a lot about who we are, and a great place to see your true nature is the way you read—and what you read!

Reading Styles for Energy Type 1 – Fun & Random

Type 1 people are more random in their reading patterns—true to their spontaneous nature. They can have times where they read a lot, then have a reading drought. It’s common for a Type 1 to have 2-3 books going at the same time and to jump from one book to another without always finishing each one.

Variety is the spice of reading for a Type 1. From romance, sci-fi, science, and history—as long as it keeps their bright mind engaged, it’s a good read!

As far as reading platforms, they love options! Tablets are great when traveling, books for home, and audio for the car.

And lastly, why does a Type 1 like to read? For adventure, entertainment, to nurture their imagination, and to disconnect from day-to-day life.

Reading Styles for Energy Type 2 – Connected & Consistent

Type 2 people are more consistent readers true to their fluid, flowing, connected movement. They typically read 1 title at a time and finish it. Then they start the next book.

My Type 2 mother always has a book going. She prefers fiction, such as mystery novels, and will read every title from an author she’s fond of. Depending on the life situation they’re in, Type 2 people may focus on self-improvement or learning, making non-fiction a popular choice as well.

Audiobooks are great when driving or doing chores, though mostly Type 2 readers prefer actual books. The feel of them, the smell of them, the experience of cuddling up with a real book.

It’s supportive for Type 2 people to take time to read as a method of nurturing themselves. Creating a personal reading space that is comfortable will draw a Type 2 to read more, as they look forward to getting comfy and cozy while reading.

Reading Styles for Energy Type 3 – Swift & Practical

Type 3 people are either avid readers or they just don’t take the time for it amidst their going-and-doing life.

They need a book to speak to them quickly, either filling a practical need in their life, by being very entertaining, or by giving them value in their day-to-day life. They also may flip to the back of the book to see the result of the story and to determine whether or not it’s worth their time.

Audiobooks are a favorite for Type 3 people as they can multitask and get things done while listening to the book. A tablet or paper book is an option for travel. One reason a Type 3 might prefer a paper book is to see the physical result of their reading, and to know just how much is left before it’s done.

Self-help books are a favorite in the Type 3 world, but if they read fiction, a good historical fiction is popular. A Type 3 does not feel a need to finish a book if it’s not engaging enough. They will be the Type most likely to invest in more books than they actually take the time to read! I have many myself!

Reading Styles for Energy Type 4 – All or Nothing

Type 4 people are all-or-nothing in their reading tendencies—they either love to read or they don’t.

It needs to serve a value in their life so they feel it’s worth their time. At the same time, Type 4 readers are most likely to finish the book even if they’re not enjoying it. Their consistent nature wants to see it to the end.

Type 4 people take the most time reading book reviews before making a decision. They stick to specific genres and authors they enjoy so they don’t waste their time.

Type 4s will have a preference for paper books, as their literal Type 4 brain won’t count an audiobook as reading! Deborah, my Type 4 DYT Expert, shared with me that she will purchase both the paper book and audio version of the same book so she can listen to it in her car and then have the paper book to highlight and make notes in.

Repetition may also play out for a Type 4 by reading the same book on a regular basis. My Type 4 son, Mark, listens to the entire Harry Potter series every year, as it had such a deep and lasting impact on him when he originally read them, and he wants to continue going deeper in the experience.

Are your reading tendencies true to who you are?

Maybe you see your Secondary Energy coming through in this experience. In a comment, share your Energy Type, how you related to these descriptions, and a favorite read of yours.


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