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Does Dressing Your Truth Really Work? Carol Puts It to the Test!

The 4 Types of Carol—see for yourself what can happen when you don't dress your truth!

Does it even make a difference?

As the creator of online makeover system Dressing Your Truth, I sometimes hear women ask if my program actually works. Does it really matter which colors you wear?

I could explain how the right texture, pattern, design line, fabrication and color can bring out your true beauty (or fight against it).

But I think it’s more powerful for you to SEE it.

So today, I’m dressing in classic styles for all 4 Types of beauty in the Dressing Your Truth system. And the results are dramatic.

One style gives me man hands while another makes me look untrustworthy. The supposedly “youthful” outfit ages me at least a decade—but doesn’t age a woman 12 years my senior!

Does Dressing Your Truth really work? I’ll let you be the judge. Take a look…

Dressing Your Truth goes way beyond helping you look stylish. It’s a program that helps you rediscover your real self and then create a style that says, “This is who I am, world.”

The DYT online course has helped women in 110 countries (and counting) to love their true selves inside and out—and it can do the same for you. Try it and let the results speak for themselves in your own life!

The first step to Dressing Your Truth? Discover your Type of beauty for FREE, right here:

Discover Your Type of Beauty FREE

Already know your Type, but waiting to take the plunge?

I invite you to try Dressing Your Truth right now. The only regret you’ll have is that you took so long to feel this validated, beautiful, and amazing.

Try Dressing Your Truth Today

What do you think of my four different looks? If you’re already dressing your truth, what kind of a difference has it made in your own life? Share a comment. I’d love to hear your story!


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