Determine Your Type

Want more support to determine your Type?

I’m here to help you see your real self.

If you’ve already watched all the Energy Profiling videos and still need support to determine your Type, enjoy these tools I’ve created for you!


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1. Read It’s Just My Nature

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2. View Face Profiling Videos

Your facial features are giving you clues to who you
are. See the profiling tool that’s staring you in the face.

In addition to your behavior, thought and feeling processes, and personality, your physical features are telling you who you are!

Your facial features are giving you clues to your true Type of beauty.

These video tutorials will help you learn more about the art of face profiling to help you determine your Type of beauty.

Face Profiling – Type 1 Features

Watch as Anne Tuttle Brown points out some of the key facial features that express the movement of Type 1 energy.

Face Profiling —Type 2 Features

Watch and see as Carol points out the key characteristics of Type 2 energy in this woman’s facial features.

Face Profiling — Type 3 Features

Watch and listen to Carol as she points out the most noticeable expressions of Type 3 energy in this woman’s facial features.

Face Profiling — Type 4 Features

Watch and hear Carol identify the classic characteristics in this woman’s face that reflect the movement of Type 4 energy.

Face Profiling 101

In this special “Evening With Carol” event for Dressing Your Truth Club Members, Carol invited real women of all 4 Types of beauty as models to demonstrate and share her “secrets” for interpreting the art of face profiling on yourself.

3. See “How I Knew My Type” Videos

Some women recognize their Type right away. The
giveaway for these women might be a clue for you, too.

Most women do assess their Type of beauty correctly the first time. So in each of these videos, you’ll hear from 4 women on how they came to know their Type of beauty for themselves.

See which parts of their experiences you can relate to!

How Living As the Wrong Energy Type Can Cause Anxiety

At first Shelly dismissed her true nature because she didn’t doodle and was so quiet. But watch and hear what Shelly did that helped her finally see her true nature and declare, “That’s me!”

Accepting and Allowing Your Emotions as a Type 2

Watch to see what tendencies Kristin noticed about herself that she did so naturally—that gave her the clues to her true Type of beauty.

Embracing Your Type 3 Feminine Nature

Find out which factors led Krystal to know her Type of beauty “pretty much right out of the shoot.”

Before You Quit Dressing Your Truth, Watch Brookie’s Journey

Brookie knew her own inner voice—but then let herself get convinced otherwise. Find out how she found her way back to her truth, and why you need to trust your own authority.

4. Watch “Confirm Your Type” Videos

In these videos, I walk through my exact process for
assessing Type. You may see yourself in here.

Most women assess their Type of beauty correctly. (So trust yourself!)

But in the rare chance that you do assess your Type of beauty incorrectly, you probably share some common patterns with other women that can be helpful for you to see all together.

Watch these videos with the intent that you are recognizing your real self and trusting what you find.

And be sure to watch each video to the end for the full picture—and to see each woman’s amazing style transformation!


Are You a Type 2? (Who’s Actually Not a Type 2.) Sam’s Before & After

Sam wasn’t feeling 100% confident in her assessment of herself. Within 3 ½ minutes, Carol confirms her Type of beauty with 100% accuracy. Watch for Sam’s reaction and see how her beauty sixth sense was strongly guiding her.

Debating Between Two Energy Types? Mary Ann’s Before & Afters

Mary Ann felt equally drawn to two different Energy Types and she got stuck doing something that Carol recommends never to do. After learning her Type of beauty, hear why Mary Ann said, “For the first time ever, I did not feel judged!”

No Compliments When Dressing Your Truth? Kelleen’s Before & After

Because she’d misprofiled herself, Kelleen felt confused and wasn’t getting any compliments on her new look. After Carol reveals her true Type of beauty, watch how her whole energy changes during the rest of the video!

If I Like to Get Things Done, Am I a Type 3?

Quincy’s attempt to override her nature by trying to be another Type was actually wearing her out physically, manifesting as illness. But her natural response to learning her Type is so perfectly in tune with her true nature.

Do You Ask Other People to Help You Determine Your Type? Simple Ways to Feel More Certain

In Jaimi’s case, asking other people for their opinions on which Type of beauty she was ended up leading her astray. Yet she’s being true to herself on camera without even knowing it—until Carol points it out and reveals her true Type of beauty.

Are You A Certain Type Just Because You Like That Type’s Colors? Natalie’s Before & After

Ever felt drawn to certain colors and thought you must be that Energy Type because of it? Be careful—that’s not an accurate assessment tool! Tune in as Carol shares how to correctly assess yourself.

Exhausted? Consider Whether You’ve Typed Yourself Correctly

Find out what keyed Brea in to her true Energy Type after she’d misprofiled herself. Carol sums it up using the word, “exhausted.” Find out how to avoid this Energy Profiling misstep!

Am I a Type 3 if I’m “Bossy”? Heather’s Before & After

When Heather first profiled herself, all she knew was that she wasn’t a Type 2. She felt drawn to Type 3 but didn’t think she could pull it off. She also didn’t want to be seen as “bossy.” Can you relate? Watch this video!

How Childhood Can Hide Your Energy Type From You

Watch Jessica realize what kept her from profiling herself correctly. Then when Carol helps her see her true Energy Type, notice how she’s more free to move like herself for the rest of the time on camera.

Tips to Determine If You’re a Type 2 or Type 4: Megan’s Before & After

Both are inward, or introverted energies and many women get confused between the two of them. Carol teaches how to avoid this pitfall by knowing exactly what to look for in yourself.

Are You a Type 3 (Who Doesn’t Want to Be a Type 3)? Ginger’s Before & After

“My facial features say I’m a Type 3 but I don’t identify with it at all!” This is a common sentiment for women and Carol explains what to do when this happens.

How to Interpret Energy Profiling Information Correctly. Tiffany’s Before & After

Tiffany thought she was either a Type 1 or a Type 3. Carol confirms that she’s neither of those! Watch in her “after” portion how Tiffany is so much more at ease with herself. Knowing your true nature brings the balance you crave.

5. Avoid these profiling mistakes!

Over the years, I’ve seen women make the same
errors in assessing their Type. I’ll help you avoid them!

Most Common Mistakes Made When Determining Your Type

Asking All of Your Friends
  • It is common to look to other people for feedback about what they see in you. But this process can overwhelm you and even influence you to the point that you do not connect with your intuition and hear your own inner voice. Instead, we recommend that you be very selective about who you ask. Other people also learn to see us the way we want them to see us, so their assessment may not be accurate.
Posting a Picture or Video on Facebook and Asking for Feedback
  • Facial Profiling is a learned skill that requires a lot of training! To be able to look at an image of another person and assess their Type is skill that is acquired over time and with a lot of practice. Carol and her team of Experts are trained at Face Profiling—your Facebook friends are not! And quite often they can be wrong. Facial Profiling is also only one of the 5 assessment tools used in Energy Profiling and needs to be considered with the other 4 assessment tools—which are Body Language, Behavior, Personality, and Thought and Feeling Processes.
Determining Your Type by the Colors You Do or Don’t Like
  • Most of our previous fashion experience is influenced by years of feedback from others and what they have said looks good on us and by other color systems. Your current belief about what colors you like or think you should wear may be influenced by what you have been told in the past. Color is only one of the 5 elements of Dressing Your Truth and cannot be singled out to determine your Type.
Trying to Dress in the Style of All 4 Types and Decide Which One You Look Best In
  • This approach does not work in assessing your Type since you do not have enough knowledge of what the true styles of each Type are. You may have a general idea but not enough training in each of the Types’ styles to really pull it off fully. Also, if your hairstyle is not expressing the movement for your true Type, it won’t matter what you put on your body. A hairstyle that is “off” will throw your whole appearance and you may misguide your self-assessment.

Want more support in confirming your Type?

We have even more resources available for you at, especially in the Dressing Your Truth online course itself.

Trust yourself and your own, unique journey.

Discovering your Type is a worthwhile process that can bring you lifelong understanding, confidence, and true joy.

I invite you to continue this journey by investing in Dressing Your Truth. This program will help you honor, love, and express your true self, from the first moments of every day as you get dressed.

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