Determine Your Type

1. Watch the free Beginner’s Guide

The free Beginner’s Guide helps you…

  • Discover your unique Type of beauty
  • Pick clothes that look and feel amazing
  • Apply makeup that highlights the real you
  • Finally find a hairstyle you actually love
  • See how to bring your style together

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2. Read It’s Just My Nature

I literally wrote the book on the 4 Types. It’s an in-depth guide to the gifts, personality traits, thought and feeling processes, behavior tendencies, body language, and features that are true to each Type.

As you read, this book will help you…

  • Discover why some of your weaknesses are actually your greatest gifts.
  • Understand why the people in your life do what they do.
  • Find renewed peace in your relationships.
  • Love yourself and live true to who you really are.

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3. Watch Face Profiling Videos

In addition to your behavior and personality, your physical features give you clues to who you are. In fact, your facial features are often the surest assessment tool. You can change your behaviors to please others—but you can’t change your face!

These video tutorials will help you learn more about the art of face profiling to help you determine your Type of beauty. See the profiling tool that’s staring you in the face:

Face Profiling – Type 1 Features

To determine your Type, look for a quality of overall movement, not a single feature. See the animated Type 1 quality in 3 cute faces.

Face Profiling —Type 2 Features

So many women mis-Type themselves as Type 2s. Facial profiling will help you determine if you really do express soft, subtle beauty.

Face Profiling — Type 3 Features

What do I mean by Type 3 angles? See where angles show up in 3 different faces, and how they express dynamic Type 3 movement.

Face Profiling — Type 4 Features

See what classic Type 4 parallel lines and symmetry actually look like on real faces. Remember, look for overall quality—don’t overanalyze.

4. Watch “Confirm Your Type” Videos

Most women assess their Type of beauty correctly the first time. (So trust yourself!)

But in the rare chance that you do assess your Type of beauty incorrectly, you probably share some common patterns with other women that can be helpful for you to see all together.

Watch these videos with the intent that you are recognizing your real self and trusting what you find. Which parts of their experiences do you can relate to?

Be sure to watch each video to the end for the full picture—and to see each woman’s amazing style transformation!

Are You a Type 2? (Who’s Actually Not a Type 2.) Sam’s Before & After

Sam wasn’t feeling 100% confident in her assessment of herself. Within 3 ½ minutes, I confirm her Type of beauty with 100% accuracy. Watch for Sam’s reaction and see how her beauty sixth sense was strongly guiding her.

No Compliments When Dressing Your Truth? Kelleen’s Before & After

Because she’d misprofiled herself, Kelleen felt confused and wasn’t getting any compliments on her new look. After I reveal her true Type of beauty, watch how her whole energy changes during the rest of the video!

If I Like to Get Things Done, Am I a Type 3?

Quincy’s attempt to override her nature by trying to be another Type was actually wearing her out physically, manifesting as illness. But her natural response to learning her Type is so perfectly in tune with her true nature.

Do You Ask Other People to Help You Determine Your Type? Simple Ways to Feel More Certain

In Jaimi’s case, asking other people for their opinions about her Type of beauty ended up leading her astray. Yet she’s being true to herself on camera without even knowing it—until I point it out and reveal her true Type of beauty.

Are You A Certain Type Just Because You Like That Type’s Colors? Natalie’s Before & After

Ever feel drawn to certain colors and think you must be that Energy Type because of it? Be careful—that’s not an accurate assessment tool! Tune in as Carol shares how to correctly assess yourself.

Am I a Type 3 if I’m “Bossy”? Heather’s Before & After

When Heather first profiled herself, all she knew was that she wasn’t a Type 2. She felt drawn to Type 3 but didn’t think she could pull it off. She also didn’t want to be seen as “bossy.” Can you relate? Watch this video!

5. Avoid these Energy Profiling mistakes!

Over the years, I’ve seen women make the same errors in assessing their Type. I’ll help you avoid them!

Most Common Mistakes Made When Determining Your Type

Asking all of your friends

  • It is common to look to other people for feedback about what they see in you. But this process can overwhelm you and even influence you to the point that you do not connect with your intuition and hear your own inner voice. Instead, I recommend that you be very selective about who you ask. Other people also learn to see us the way we want them to see us, so their assessment may not be accurate.

Posting a picture or video on social media and asking for feedback

  • Facial Profiling is a learned skill that requires a lot of training! To be able to look at an image of another person and assess their Type is skill that is acquired over time and with a lot of practice. My team of Experts and I are trained at Face Profiling—your Facebook friends are not! And quite often, they can be wrong. Facial Profiling is also only one of the 5 assessment tools used in Energy Profiling and needs to be considered with the other 4 assessment tools—body language, behavior, personality, and thought and feeling processes.

Determining your Type by the colors you do or don’t like

  • Most of our previous fashion experience is influenced by years of feedback from others and what they have said looks good on us and by other color systems. Your current belief about what colors you like or think you should wear may be influenced by what you have been told in the past. Color is only one of the 5 elements of Dressing Your Truth and cannot be singled out to determine your Type.

Trying to dress in the style of all 4 Types and decide which one you look best in

  • This approach does not work in assessing your Type, since you do not have enough knowledge of what the true styles of each Type are. You may have a general idea but not enough training in each of the Types’ styles to really pull it off fully. Also, if your hairstyle is not expressing the movement for your true Type, it won’t matter what you put on your body. A hairstyle that is “off” will throw your whole appearance and you may misguide your self-assessment.

6. Clear away your #1 blindspot in seeing your Type

Every time I support a woman in recognizing her Energy Type, she’s surprised that she couldn’t see it before. Suddenly, her true nature seems obvious to her. Something just kept her from seeing herself clearly.

What got in the way? In this video, I lead you through a process to clear away the #1 cause of your own personal blind spots. If you’re still questioning your Energy Type, this powerful exercise is worth your time.

Want more support in confirming your Type?

We have even more resources available for you at, including my free Beginner’s Guide.

Discovering your Type is a worthwhile process that can bring you lifelong understanding, confidence, and true joy.

Trust yourself and your own, unique journey.

I invite you to continue this journey by joining Dressing Your Truth Lifestyle. It’s an affordable membership that gives you access to our huge library that supports you in living and dressing true to your Type. It will help you see yourself clearly and create a personal style that honors and expresses your true self.