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2. Read It’s Just My Nature

This book is the full overview of Energy Profiling. It teaches a comprehensive study of the 4 Energy Types and how they are expressed in the nature kingdom and human nature. It includes personal profiling assistance and specific details on how to learn Body Profiling.

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3. Watch Face Profiling Videos

Want to know the #1 tool to determine your Type? Face Profiling! It is the best way to assess your or someone else’s Type.

4. Learn How I Face Profile

After 20 years and 10k faces, I teach you how to face profile! Learn my best and greatest face profiling tips through these videos.

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Unsure of your Type? Avoid these Energy Profiling mistakes!

  • Asking all of your friends. This process can overwhelm you and even influence you to the point that you do not connect with your intuition and hear your own inner voice.
  • Determining your Type by the colors you do or don’t like. Dressing Your Truth is based on energy and movement, and the correct colors will always match your energy.
  • Trying to dress in the style of all 4 Types to decide which one you look best in. Since you may not have enough knowledge of each Type’s style, it will throw your whole appearance and misguide your self-assessment.

5. Become a Face Profiling Expert

Join me as I walk you through 130 real-time Face Profiling training sessions! You can do it along with me and learn how to do this yourself!

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It’s time to live free, just as you are!

When I initially started DYT in 2014 at the age of 48, I knew I had to be Type 2. For seven years, I dressed in Type 2 colors and styles, feeling good but often having doubts.

I [joined] Lifestyle and Carol offered help with my Type. My first thought was, ‘She’s going to tell me I’m Type 4.’ Sure enough, that was her response. 

Why couldn’t I see it all before? Because we’ve been conditioned to be a certain way in this society and to ignore the things about us that don’t fit into that ideal.

“Now, I get compliments all the time, even from my dad who is not one to dole out compliments on looks. Women want to know what I’ve been doing. I feel not just super-confident, but stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally. Best of all, I finally feel comfortable in my own skin. I love who I am and am grateful to Carol and the whole DYT team for helping me let my true stunning self shine.

-Julie, Type 4

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