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Does Your Name Match Your Energy Type?

Kinda fun to think about—let's see if it does!

Have you ever thought that your name could match your Energy Type? It’s fun to see how many ways our natural energy shows up in our lives. Let’s take a look at this one!

From my observation, it seems more often than not that a woman’s name has a connection to her Energy Type. Somehow our parents were influenced to honor our Energy Types without even knowing that was a thing!

I posted this question on my Facebook page because I wanted to hear directly from you about this topic. Over 250 women shared their stories! Here are just a few of them:

What’s the story of how you got your name?

  • Type 1 Serin shares, “My older brother wanted to name me ‘serendipity.’ My parents thought that was too long, so they named me Serin. I think it suits me as a Type 1.”
  • Type 2 Marjorie shares, “I’m named after my dad’s sister who died at the age of 16. It has always been very old-fashioned for me, but I’ve been called an ‘old soul’ and mature – even by my mother!”
  • Type 3 Teya shares, “My parents watched, “Escape to Witch Mountain” with Tia and Tony as the magical aliens. My dad learned Tia meant ‘aunt,’ so he changed it to Teya (pronounced tee-ya).”
  • Type 4 Bel shares, “My name is from old, Germanic languages, meaning wise serpent/dragon. The inspiration for my parents? The Enid Blyton book, Humpty Dumpty and Belinda. My parents grew up on opposite sides of the world, but both had this book as small children.”

Does the sound or ring of your name match your Energy Type?

  • Type 1 Allie shares, “My name has morphed from Alison to Allie over the years as I’ve been released from my secondary Type 4. Allie is playful, and Alison is sophisticated, and that is what I strive for in my personal style – Playful Sophistication.”
  • Type 2 Coralyn shares, “To me Coralyne seems like a nice, flowing, elegant name, suitable for a Type 2.”
  • Type 3 Treasure Riveria shares, “I think my first and middle names fit my Type 3 energy! My mom always loved the name Treasure.”
  • Type 4 Candra shares, “My birth name is Candy, which seems like my secondary Type 1 to me. In high school, I told my mother I was changing it to Candra, and she was not at all surprised.”

Do you have a nickname? What’s the story behind it?

It was most common for Type 1’s and Type 3’s to have a nickname. Our own Type 1 Dressing Your Truth Expert Marcy’s real name is Marian. In grade school, Type 3 Expert Anna K added the “K” to her name as there was another “Anna” in her class, and it stuck!

  • Type 1 Cammie shares, “My given name is Camelia, but my nickname Cammi seems Type 1 to me. My husband of 51 years called me “Bonky” when we were dating because I bounced when I walked!”
  • Type 1 Barbara shares, “I have been called Barbie Lynn or Barbara Lynnie, which I think all fit! When someone calls me Barbie or Babs, I totally love it!!”
  • Type 3 Danielle shares, “My name was always shortened to Danni growing up. I was somewhat of a tomboy so it was fitting!”
  • Type 3 Jessica shares, “My nickname has been Tiger since I was a baby. It definitely suits me, a Type 3/1. Tigers are fierce but also playful.”

Do you go by your full name?

It was most common for Type 4’s to go by their full name and to have a strong preference to be called their full name even as a child. For example, Type 4 Dressing Your Truth Expert, Deborah, never goes by Debbie or Deb.

  • Type 4 Rachel shares about her Type 4 son, “My 6-year-old is named Charles. We called him Charlie in the womb and after he was born. But when he started talking, he would always say, “No. Name is Charles.” No one has called him Charlie in years. His name suits him as a Type 4.”
  • Type 4 Anna shares, “My teachers used to call me Margaretha so as not to confuse me with the other Anna’s in class. But in 6th grade, I specifically asked to be called Anna instead (very type 4 of me, right?). I like how simple my name is and how it’s still Anna whichever way you look at it because it’s a mirror image of itself.”

Does the spelling of your name connect to your Energy Type?

  • Type 1 Luci shares, “My name is Luci (not Lucy), which means light! I used to think it was a silly name, but now I think it’s perfect!”
  • Type 2 Dressing Your Truth Expert Anne shares, “I love that my name has an -e on the end. Ann feels more Type 1 or Type 3.”
  • Type 3 Holli shares, “I’m a Type 3/1 and my name is Holli, which means ‘to prick’ — buahahaha! My kids call me a porcupine so I guess it fits perfectly.”
  • Type 4 Deesha shares, “My dad wanted his first daughter to have a unique name so he made mine up. The part where it gets to be Type 4 is the way it draws (unwanted) attention because people always want to know how to spell it, where it came from, etc.”

Does the meaning of your name represent your Energy Type?

  • Type 1 Luz shares, “Luz is Spanish for ‘light.’ My middle name, Merari, has Hebrew roots meaning “to wonder at.” So my name literally means, to wonder at the light!”
  • Type 2 Amy shares, “Amy means ‘loved.’ My mom said she always wanted me to know I was loved. I think this suits my Type 2 emotional nature perfectly.”
  • Type 3 Kim shares, “Kim has lots of meanings: Brave, Chief, Leader, Noble, Bold. You take your pick—they all describe me. I’m a Type 3/4.”
  • Type 4 Danielle shares, “My name is sophisticated enough for a proper Type 4 name, and the meaning ‘God is my Judge’ reminds me that my authority and truth come from above rather than around me. It also reminds me not to be too judgmental/critical of others.”

Now it’s time to ask yourself the same questions!

As you read through this article, what came to mind about your name and its connection to your Energy Type? How did your parents do in honoring your true nature by the name they chose for you?

If there is a strong match between your name/nicknames and your Energy Type, why do you think that is? Maybe our parents were prompted to give us the name that honors who we are, without even knowing it—but God did!

Share your answers to the questions in a comment!


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