What Does Your Favorite Flower Say About You?

Your favorite flower reveals so much more than just your personality...

Do you have a favorite flower? What do you love most about it: is it the scent, the shape, the colors, or the symbolism? What if you’re drawn to that flower because it matches your Energy Type?

Energy Profiling is a system based on movement. Everything in our natural world leads with one of 4 Energy Types. You’ll see everything express a dominant Energy Type all throughout nature, including flowers—and even people, too!

Let’s look at some Type-specific flowers and see if your favorite flower is telling you more about who you are!

Type 1 – Daisy: The Light & Fresh Flower

The daisy represents Type 1 energy: fresh, light, and uplifting.

The colors are bright, and the shape of a daisy is like a starburst, with a circle in the middle, and petals that easily disconnect when plucked. Even the phrases, “Fresh as a daisy” or “Oopsy daisy” fit perfectly with fun, Type 1 movement!

Just like a daisy, Type 1 people are cute, delightful, airy, cheerful, and friendly. Their joyful nature is sure to put a smile on your face.

Other Type 1 flowers include the sunflower and tulip.

Type 2 – Rose: The Soft & Romantic Flower

The rose represents Type 2 energy: soft, sentimental, and graceful. Roses are commonly seen as the symbol of love and a way to connect from the heart.

The shape of a rose reflects Type 2 movement. The petals are soft to the touch, oval-shaped, and they create many s-curves when in bloom. Even the rosebud is shaped like a teardrop—another Type 2 shape.

Just like a rose, Type 2 people are relaxing, elegant, lovely, dreamy, delicate, and gentle.

Another beautiful Type 2 flower is lavender.

Type 3 – Tiger Lily: The Dynamic Statement Flower

The tiger lily represents Type 3 energy: fiery, rich, and dynamic. Tiger lilies symbolize confidence, pride, wealth, and passion.

The shape of a tiger lily reflects Type 3 movement. It’s angular, textured, and substantial. Whether standing by itself or gathered with other flowers, tiger lilies have a dynamic energy that makes a statement.

Just like a tiger lily, Type 3 people are edgy, vivid, spirited, exotic, swift, and full of vitality.

Another Type 3 flower with these qualities is the Bird of Paradise.

Type 4 – Calla Lily: The Bold & Poised Flower

The calla lily represents Type 4 energy: bold, still, and serene. Calla lilies are known for symbolizing faith, purity, and rebirth.

The shape of a calla lily reflects Type 4 movement with a refined, sculptured appearance and clean, consistent colors.

Just like a calla lily, Type 4 people are poised, stunning, smooth, polished, and dignified.

Another example of a Type 4 flower is a long-stemmed, dramatic red rose.

Now it’s your turn! Did you favorite flower tell you more about who you are?

In my book, It’s Just My Nature, you can discover even more about your Energy Type and how you express it in all areas of your life—oftentimes without even realizing it! I invite you to see if your reading habits, your shopping tendencies, and yes, even the words you say reflect your true nature!


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