What Your Handwriting Says About You

Is your handwriting true to Type?

What does your handwriting say about your personality?

If you’re living true to yourself, your natural expression comes through in all areas of your life—including your handwriting! You learned about doodling in my book, It’s Just My Nature! and in the Free Beginner’s Guide.

Energy Profiling is a system that helps you understand yourself and the world around you. It’s based on movement. Everything in this world has a unique movement, one of the 4 Energy Types. You naturally express one of those 4 Energy Types!

Let’s take a look at your handwriting and see if it aligns with your Energy Type.

Type 1 Handwriting – Cute & Animated

Type 1 people have the most animated quality to their handwriting style. This can be in the form of hearts, stars, and even a flower to decorate. Sometimes they’ll use these shapes instead of dotting the “i” in their words. They naturally bring fun and playfulness into their lives—and their writing.

They use both printing and cursive styles and can even mix them up in one sentence, true to their more random nature. There’s a light, airy quality with more space in between the letters, and they can create larger loops and circles. When writing on lined paper, they may not stay within the lines. We could say a Type 1 handwriting style looks fun with a youthful quality to it.

Fun and animated Type 1 person's handwriting sample


Type 2 Handwriting – Soft & Sweet

Type 2 people have a fluid and flowing quality to their handwriting style. They prefer to write in cursive as it’s more connected, and it can even have a calligraphy quality to it. You see S-curves and longer loops, and they stay within the lines if they’re writing on lined paper.

If a Type 2 person makes a grammatical error in a note card they’re writing, they throw it away and start over. Their attention to details makes this hard to overlook. They have a gift of bringing a sense of calmness and flow into all their activities, and writing is no different. We could say a Type 2 handwriting style looks elegant with a stylized quality to it.

Gentle and connected Type 2 person's handwriting sample


Type 3 Handwriting – Swift & Determined

Type 3 people have a swift movement to their handwriting style. They have a tendency to write on an angle, adding a dynamic element to their words. They can write in print or cursive, depending on the purpose of their writing.

How their handwriting looks isn’t typically important to a Type 3, as they don’t stop and evaluate it! They just like to get it done and get a result. Their sizing can be big or small, depending on what allows them to write more quickly. This determines whether or not they stay inside the lines as well. We could say a Type 3 handwriting style looks like it was written swiftly and can be hard to read as it lacks a neatness to it.

Swift and angular Type 3 person's handwriting sample

Kathy, a rich and dynamic Type 3 woman, shares:

“My handwriting definitely depicts my Type 3 nature. Very swift! I stopped writing in cursive as soon as I was allowed to. I can print much faster and find all the extra looping to be annoying and so inefficient! I do tend to write small and I prefer a black, fine point pen, however, I grab whatever is around to get the job done!”

Kathy Type 3 Handwriting


Type 4 Handwriting – Bold & Precise

Type 4 people have a very exact approach to their handwriting style. This complements their perfecting nature, which is seen in many areas of their lives. Their letters are formed with precision without much thought. A Type 4 may have a preference for printing, using all capital letters. Their handwriting is straight on the paper, with or without lines.

Another tendency for a Type 4 person is being particular about their writing instrument. Whether it’s a pen or a pencil, they will know what brands and qualities they have a preference for.

It’s common for Type 4 people to have very small handwriting, due to their preference for privacy. We could say a Type 4 handwriting style is precise, clean, and exact.

Bold and sophisticated Type 4 person's handwriting sample

Rebekah, a bold and stunning Type 4 woman, shares:

“I learned drafting handwriting in college, and that’s what I use now for forms and lists. I use cursive for cards to people. In either case, I like precision! 🙂”


Which of the 4 types of handwriting do you have? Take a picture of your handwriting and share it in a comment, along with your Energy Type!

It can be fun to see how your nature expresses itself in different areas of your life. How did this fun article help you understand yourself better? I would love to have you share your insights.


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